Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Body Shop collection: Body mists

The Body Shop and I have a long and glorious history.
My mum would always buy their kiwi collection - very old school and is obsessed with the hemp products.
You can see that my obsession with the Hemp hand cream is also very real, in my Skincare savers/ saviours post.
So they have always been around my home and part of my beauty/skincare awareness.

There are so many products, that I enjoy but I personally have always been drawn to the Body Shop mists.
When I was in secondary school .
I would walk past the one on Victoria highstreet and spritz my jumper lavishly with the vanilla Body Mist and dab an oil (my bro used to use the oil too) liberally on my wrists before sashaying out to start my day.
(the testers obvs lol)
Now I have a long tradition of doing a massive haul of my fav scents every other year.
They last so long I don't need to purchase them more regularly.

Although not the most expensive, quite a few of them are long lasting and I continually return to stock up as many of the mists hold great memories for me.

 There have been some great sales so far this year and I definitely splurged.
I usually opt for the mists as I find that some of the perfumes don't smell the same as their mist counterparts or surprisingly don't last that long on me.

These are my current all rounder favs are :

They are all really fresh and vibrant, which is always important for transitional scents.
Each one can take me from a crisp winter morning to bbqs at the height of summer.

So there you have it my current collection. Are you a Bodyshop body mist lover like me?
What are your favs?

Until next time........................

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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