Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Noir et blanc: Monochrome moments

Hi Lovers,

I am an avid lover of monochrome and I tend to start the "all monochrome everything"" campaign mid way through January for a few weeks. After I have flung on the brightest , richest colours to cheer up the London cold drudgery and folded away the party wear after the the last 2 months of rampant bacchanalia. It is time to dedicate myself to monochrome. I love how you just look put together and finished in monochrome. Whether you go full on with the black and white or you pull together a black ensemble with a pop of white.

I love the simplicity of monochrome. It is chic and stylish for all occasions and means that you don't have to think too hard when you get up at the crack of dawn. Nor does it assault your eyes and senses with the vibrancy of colour lol. I am not a morning person and the cold offends me- Warmer days where art thou?

I haven't spent much money on myself this year so far or over Christmas in regards to clothes ( steady on we are 20 days in!) and I am loving the feeling of "shopping my closet". I have so many black and white items and bags for days. A a few of which you might remember from my Shoppers+ Pouches post.

 Here are a few items that I have in my closet or am considering *ahem* buying that are very good value or in the sales.

MAC Ruby Woo  (because why not?!)

Until pastel Fridays and animal print Mondays kick in  (joking lol)........

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Monday, 5 January 2015

The classic: Avocado toast & a perfectly poached egg

Happy New Year Lovelies!!!!!

I have decided to totally bypass the January resolution post etc and jump right into a post more up my street.
I am starting 2015 on the blog with a little bit more foodie porn, oh yes -in the shape of poached eggs.

I rarely make poached eggs as the tension is too high.
Will it work?
wont they?
These are big questions. I can not be bovved with the water and vinegar ratios and swirling the water in a certain direction mate LEAVE IT OUT, seriously tho just leave it! Lol

Those food rage days are over however as I came across 2 silicone egg poachers in the mighty Poundland and immediately popped them into my basket. 
What do I have to lose with them being 50p each and then legged home to try them out.

Here is the gloriousness that ensued------>

Avocado toast and poached egg 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the yummers-ness of this plate?


Here is how to make it:
Serves 2 if you are in a sharing mood. However one egg was lost in the above picture as it got in my face :-)

2 x large organic eggs poured into the oiled silicone poachers (3.5 to 4 mins recommended cooking time)
I seasoned raw with garlic herb salt and chilli flakes.

2 x slices of wholewheat ( I used Burgens Buckwheat & Poppy Seed bread)

Smear 1 x Medium avocado on to bread
(Is it me or do Avocados taste more amazing the older you get?)
Chop cherry tomatoes in half for garnish



Sliced pickled garlic to taste
Mustard buttered on to bread
Philadelphia layered on top of mustard thinly
Bacon bits approx 1/2 a rasher
Dollop Caesar dressing to taste



This dish is very easy, pretty healthy and tastes damn good. I highly recommend it!

Unfortunately they didn't have the poachers online but here is what the packaging looks like.

£1 for 2

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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