Monday, 31 December 2012

NYE party mixtape (Hey there 2013 megamix!)

Hey Lovers, so this is the last mix tape of the year and it is really fitting that it is a Monday. As a final treat I have put together a compilation of tunes you can groove to as you count down the hours to the new years. There were so many awesome tunes to choose from so don't cuss me if your song isn't here OK lol. Even though it is raining hard like there is no tomorrow and the winds are buffeting us every which way I am sending 2012 out on a sweaty high and welcoming 2013 with wild abandon!....................... 2 step with me y'all

Jay Z and Kanye West - Niggas in Paris. "Said I ball so hard muthafuckers wanna fine me."

Black Box, Ride on time. WOOOAAHHHHH HO! is all i have to say lol

Azealia Banks 1991.  "Oh, la la la, Flirting with a cool French dude named Antoine, Wanna taste the pastry chocolate croissant.........yeaaaaah."

  Fuse ODG - Ft. Itz Tiffany & Donae'o- Azonto - "We walk over them haters"

Swedish House mafia- Don't you worry child

Chase and status - let you go

Technotronic Feat. Felly- Pump Up The Jam 

Sarkodie Ft. E.L. - U Go Kill Me 

Rhianna - Where Have You Been

Snap- Rhythm is a dancer


Laid Blak - My Eyes Are Red


David Guetta ft. Taped Rai - Just One Last Time


 Daley ft. Jessie J - Remember Me 


Nicki Minaj - Starships 


  Calvin Harris bounce ft kelis


 Rozalla - Everybody's free


 Beyonce -Countdown  

  AND Finally last but by no means least...............................What ever the hell you want insert song right here. Finish 2012 off anyway you want to and keep it moving and grooving in 2013!

Its been an interesting and somewhat illuminating year. Heres hoping 2013 will bigger, badder and better! Peace out 2012 it has been shamazing and emosh lol

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Saying my last goodbye

Via Pinterest

My Uncle Les was buried on Monday 3rd December at 10.30am. I wasn't there. I didn't want to be. That's not how I wanted to say my goodbyes. He was in his 90's, had married and lost the love of his life had seen his son go to university and become a professor. He had fought in wars and seen the world change beyond belief in his life time. He had spent is life helping and saving people from themselves and others. He made an impact on so many.

I don't do well with tears; I am not that good at emotional turmoil. I have been affectionately called the emotional cyborg. I hurt and feel but I deal in my own way. I am not sure how to deal with this. This time I have cried. I have cried unexpectedly, tidal waves of grief washing over me. I have cried until my throat was sore and my eyes red and bulging (scary stuff!). I have cried in my sleep and now I think I am cried out. I think I am ok but the sight of a little old man on the street is nearly enough to undo me. I am not angry and I am not in denial, There is no use bargaining and my sadness isn't a depression. I think I have accepted his loss on earth. For the last few years I have been scared to see him. Scared to see a different man, a frailer man who no longer recognised me but had started to recognise the dementia in himself. The thought of his mortality scared me as silly as it seems sometimes you just think people will be around for ever. They won't be.
I have spent my time remembering him. The little things like his laugh, His crisply ironed and matching jacket and trousers or his old school calligraphy style handwriting. The excitement at seeing a card from him in the post. Knowing that inside my birthday card would be a crisp £5 note, a tradition that has gone on for decades and knowing that out of all my siblings I had the longest run (22 years). Small things but things that mean a lot to me. My kids will never get to meet him but that small tradition will live on and all because of him even if they think me a tight wad for only putting a fiver in lol.I draw comfort from the fact that he will be missed and that we at least will remember him.

The good don't always die young, sometimes they live and are taken before you get a chance to say goodbye.

Uncle Les


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Monday, 26 November 2012

Mixtape Mondays #5

Hey dolls its that 2 steppin time again........

Cody Chesnutt- Till I met thee. You know when you just want some of that old school R&B and neo soul? Yeah he is your guy. I saw him on the Jools Holland show and I loved the live performance of the song.

 Gabrielle Aplin- Power of love. Covering Frankie goes to Hollywood for The John Lewis Christmas advert her ethereal tones makes it really memorable. Having been around on Youtube etc for the last few years, it is rumoured she tweeted John Lewis into submission regarding her doing a song for them and after a while an agency got it touch with her. Goes to show the power of social media and slight

Kyra ft Cashtastic- Good love. It is very nice to see some good UK talent and yup all them faces that look familiar are lol

Solange- Losing you. I usually yawn at her attempts but I freaking love this song and loved it more when I saw the video. Filmed in South Africa the idea seems to me to be about capturing a glimpse of humanity against a back drop of adversity. The scenes really brought those people to life. For anyone who knows their music you will see it was heavily influenced by elements of Janet Jackson's got til its gone video.
P.s this video seems a bit slower than the audio.

Wonder ft Emeli Sandé- Wonder. Seriously one of my favourite songs this year. I am big fan of  them both and I just freaking love this song. Everyone who knows me knows me knows I have had it on replay for ages. Who doesn't like a beautiful message, extras who look like they stepped out of a Benetton ad and purple Icelandic woods?

Until next time........

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Reads of the month: November 2012

1. No one left to tell by Karen Rose

If one more woman should accidentally fall, there'll be no more women and.......

Ramon Munoz was sentenced five years for a murder he did not commit.His family is determined to prove his innocence and in the process his wife is assassinated. Paige Holden the to private investigator hired to find the truth is a witness to the assassination and the last words of a dying woman. Having been handed evidence that could clear Ramon's name moments before seeing the assassination Paige doesn't know who to trust. Paige is immediately thrown into the middle of a case which will knock down the new life she has rebuilt into jeopardy. In the race to free Ramon and prove his innocence she realises how powerful the real killer is and the implications this could have on her life. 

I rather liked this book. I always like a good mystery crime novel and although i found it cheesy in parts the general storyline was really good.

3 Stars

2. Before I go to sleep by SJ Watson

Christine wakes up every morning not knowing where she is. She does not recognise herself in the mirror or the strange man lying next to her.  Every morning Ben who says he is her husband must explain that she is forty-seven years old and a terrible accident 20 years earlier that damaged her brain and ability to form new memories. She is completely dependent on him.

A phone call changes what little grasp she had on this 24 hour life when a neurologist who claimed to be working with Christine without her husband’s knowledge to improve her memory. This revelation leads her to a secret journal. Christine discovers that she has been making a record of daily activities for the past few weeks including her sessions with Dr. Nash. After rereading past entries, relearning her life story narrated by her husband Christine begins to ask questions. What happened to her exactly? What was her life like before the accident? Where are all her friends? Why didn’t she and Ben have any children? Every day, Christine must  reconstruct the last 20 years of her life and explore the niggling feeling in the back of her mind that something is deathly wrong.

I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. Written by an NHS audiologist in between shifts at London's St Thomas's Hospital, it's incredibly succinct and skillful in the tone and style of delivery. It really shows there are good writers out the and I look forward to another book from this author.
4.5 Stars

3. A discovery of witches by Deborah Harkness (book 1)

This is a very mature and sophisticated  approach to the magical world of the supernatural. The story follows the life of Diana a scientist who firmly turned her back on her roots and magic when her parents were murdered. As the last of the Bishops, a very powerful and ancient witch family her name and powers of seemingly lack of them are famous within the magical community. Having turned her back on all things magical, Diana is unaware of how much magic is part of her everyday existence and how it has crept in without her say so.When she calls up a manuscript that has been lost for thousands of years she inadvertently  breaks a powerful spell that could start a war between all magical creatures much to the detriment of humans. This discovery brings her to the forefront of the magical community and leaves her life in danger. With the unlikely pairing of a 1500 year old vampire Mattew who has made the manuscript his life's work. They embark on an illicit and forbidden courtship that could change their worlds forever. There is a feeling of authenticity and isn't just another supernatural romance.The book is brought to life with references to Newton, Einstein and many other geniuses who are really daemons masquerading as humans. Harkness also uses a heady mix of evolution, DNA, genetics and extinction to draw the reader in.The book also touches of racial tension between the magical beings which really resonates with real life events thus adding another layer of authenticity and intrigue that bubbles around this illusive manuscript called Ashmole 782.
3.5 Stars

4. American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis

I have read this book before but strangely the detached vehemence startled me more than usual. Maybe I am getting  softer in my old age, I don't know but as a teenager I was less shocked and it took a lot longer for me to read this time. There was a lot of controversy when this was originally released and it really seemed to divide the publishing world and I can see why.

Following the life of Patrick Bateman a 26 year old all American quintessential Wall street yuppie with a difference....he is a psycho. As if raking in a six figure salary and moving in the "right" circles in New York isn't enough, old pat likes nothing more than to supplement his excessive gym works with a bit of random murder. As with many in the mid 1980’s Patrick is part of the materialistic and vain me, me, me corporate culture of the time. He is described as living the ultimate self indulgent and glamorous lifestyle and has to have the best of the best. Ellis perfectly paints a picture of Bateman spending longer thinking about his stereo system, returning his videos or obsessing over Les Mis than he does on people he has brutally murdered and disposed of. Bateman must be the one with the ultimate business card, shoes, suit or business account. He practically has a heart attack if he doesn’t have the best of the best in his group.

Although Bateman’s character is repulsive, he is seemingly gorgeous, cultured and stylish. The old battle between inner and outer beauty is played out well here.  In great 80’s style long lists of fashion houses and brands are listed and Bateman even gives the reader a tip or two in monologue narrations along with his associates. In between all this preening, hopeless self indulgence and drug taking Ellis manages to squeeze in a few hundred pages of very graphic torture and mutilation lavished on the unsuspecting New York public. Frankly how I managed to sleep at night is a miracle.I can only hope the author got a freebie or two from the brands able to function after having their work associated with a nutter.

I personally was left with the question of did these incidents really occur or was Patrick crying out for help and some way of alleviating his mind numbingly mundane existence through these bizarre creations. There were little tells throughout the book but one can never be sure as Ellis didn't give us the answer. The thing Bateman craves most is notoriety and the thing we see despite his job or friends and clothes is his anonymity in his world.Everybody is the same faceless clone and in his own warped and twisted way he tries to break free.

This book is wrong yet moreish, morbid, fascinating,long, numbing, strangely funny, informative, layered, mentally draining, shallow  and sick. It is incredibly of the 1980's and now. This book is an essential reading cult classic.
4 Stars

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Monday, 12 November 2012

AW12 : Jumpers

I have never been a super jumpery kind of person, I am more of a cardigan girl but I have got into them majorly over the last few years.  The high street has provided a plethora of great and affordable pieces and influence from the catwalk is clear to see. You can see Primark has taken inspiration from 3.1 Philip Lims KA- POW jumper.  Teemed with leggings, cigarette trousers or a pencil skirt they look great. Or for a funky autumnal look why not team a fine knit jumper with a maxi skirt and belt the waist. Shops have really pulled all the stops with their graphic, appliqued, studded,  grunge, animal magic and chunky knits.

Go invest in a few winter pieces and get your snuggle on!

Until next time.........

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Matalan Haul:A/W12

Well bonjour Madame Matalan!  Matalan isn't a shop I visit very often but that will definitely change. I have been receiving a lot of their catalogues and discount cards of late so decided to stop by.  I was a little late and didn’t discover Matalan until Uni days. Even then it was one of those shops that you hit like twice a year because of its random location. 

I am incredibly happy with the pieces I got and have already been complimented on several items. This is a very autumnal haul with key accents in plum, aubergine and oxblood. It was not deliberate but it seems that I am reaching for these rich colours more and more. The velvet metal capped brogues give a feminised shoe the much needed edge I love in my accessories and can be teamed with the floaty dress and blazer for a business look or with turned up jeggings and the over sized knit for a casual Friday look.
The over sized orangey coral clutch is really beautiful and the studded horses really lift the bag and add another element to any outfit. I also really loved the over sized tote in cream. You cant see very well from the image but it has a very slight hint of pinky mink blush to it which helps the rose gold studded detail to really warm up the tone of the bag. 

I always get flat ballet pumps where ever I can as I love them and they are super comfortable. The quilted finish is an added extra to the patent capped look we have been seeing on the high streets. Finally Metallics are very big this season and who could resist that gorgeous wear me at Halloween or Christmas party foiled dipped hem skirt? It really reminded me of the foiled Christmas wrapping paper and I just had to have it!

To be honest I didn't go mad as I was looking for smart casual pieces that could go from day to night and not have the rigidity of office wear.  For me their range this season was either too casual or to office wear, so it was definitely quality over quantity this time around. I would definitely suggest trying things on in store if it is your first foray into the shop as I have found their sizing really weird and usually have to go a size smaller some items and bigger in others. I would highly recommend their jumpers this season as they are comfy slouchy and tailored enough to be duel party and business pieces.

 Matalan have really stepped up their game over the last 10 years apparently and I can definitely say their clothes are fashionable and excellent quality. Unlike some other well know high street companies their leggings and jersey dresses don't bobble and tear upon impact with skin. Have you found any Matalan gems of late?

  Until next time.......

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Beauty Edit:October Favourites

1.      Wilko facial wipes 30p- Ok so I freaking loooooooooove these face wipes they are fragrance free and super moisturising not to mention cheap as chips. I found these by accident when I picked up a pack by mistake about 4 years ago and I haven't looked back. I buy them in bulk and use them for everything. Let me reiterate they are 30 PENCE; you can’t even get a chocolate bar for 30p in London these days. For that amount you get 25 wipes packed full of vitamin E that are fragrance free and cleanse the skin brilliantly. I use these on my face but am transitioning to a balm cleanser. 

2.      Bodyshop bath gloves £4- These are a must have essential item for your bathroom beauty routine. They have just the right amount hardness and don't grate or irritate the skin. I use mine 3 times a week and you can really see the difference they make. I change mine every 3 months and ensure they are hung up to dry when I finish using them. P.S if you haven't used exfoliation gloves before don't be freaked out by the slightly dirty looking water that's just dead skin lol.

3.      Skinology Tea tree anti- spot stick 8ml 0.98p - Looks like its a Wilkinson love fest but their products are very good value and really perform. This is a roll on gel liquid that really helps with swelling and spot reduction. On me this helps with potential marking and ensures that my skin is smooth and I can see results usually within a day or two. As it has a roller to distribute the gel I would suggest doing your usual cleansing routine before applying and don't share it with anyone else to limit the amount of foreign bodies it comes into contact with.

4.      Simple hydrating light moisturiser 125ml £2.99- As awesome as this moisturiser is I don't use it often as I should. It is incredible and really seems to sink down into the skin this is a must have for winter. There is no fragrance, colour or unnecessary ingredients and it is just choka block full of good things for your skin. It is dermatologically tested and approved with Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Glycerin and Borage Seed Oil to keep the skin moisturised and deeply hydrated. A MUST have for those with sensitive skin.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Boots Manoeuvre: Primark AW12

Now anyone who knows me will know that Primark makes my blood run hot and cold. When they get it right they are AWESOME but when they get it wrong well lets say they are dead to me! 

AW12 Primark has definitely got it right soooo right in fact I am not scoffing at some of the increased prices. The quality of their designs and product quality has come on in leaps and bounds. I will be doing a small haul blog soon on recent buys but for now let me talk about the foot candy above.

This is just a small selection of the amazing boots I saw in store, I usually hate the Oxford street store but after being dragged in there I found it hard to leave. I wanted everything. I am really loving their small attention to detail whether it be studs, glitter sequins, patent or tassels.The boots I saw were really well made and after trying a few on I found them to be extremely comfortable.

 I really can't wait for the Primarni sales to begin coz I want EVERYTHING!!!

Thumbs up Primark

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Monday, 15 October 2012

E.L.F lips edition (haul)

E.L.F lipgloss haul

Hey dolls,
So winter is here and it is here with a vengeance!
Wind , rain and for some hardcore floods.
Now I have a normal if not large amount of lipgloss and lip care but whilst on a train I have been assulted with a a tidal wave of ashy and dry lips!
Seeing the dead skin and massive crackshas  spurred me into action and et voila I went on a little E.LF spree as soon as my fingers touched a keyboard.

The above lipglosses and lipsticks are the fruit of my labour and I absolutely LOVE them.
I am not quite sure why I got 2 lip plumping glosses as I really don't need it but meh, the more the merrier. They nourish my lips well and smell great.
They are provide a beautiful  wash of colour and are packed with goodies to keep my lips supple, crack free and winter ready. Most importantly they are not too sticky. E.L.F have some amazing deals on atm so go indulge yourself and have chap free lips as it is most definitely the trend for AW12!

Until next time .....

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Friday, 5 October 2012

eBay Haul

I do love me a bit of eBay bargain buying. Some days I think nothing of staying up all night to get my bargain buy! So I decided to order a few things to bulk up my autumn/winter accessories wardrobe. The pieces above range between cool girlish pieces to alternative edgy. I did have a mustache necklace but it went walkies a while back -_- and who can deny something for 99p? 

I absolutely adore the fact that each item cost less than £2 and are very well made. When I saw the multi coloured bracelet I had to have it as it reminds me of those plastic Scooby doos every one used to make back in the day. I have a few triangle necklaces and they really add a subtle glamour to any outfit. The claw cartilage earrings in gold and antiqued gold are just amazing and I have been getting compliments galore. Similar ones can be found at regalrose. It is a simply way to vamp up an outfit. Those unicorn earrings are just soooo cute, I bought then for a friends birthday present and they looked so nice I had to order a pair of my own. These definitely add a whimsical element to your outfit. 

As every fashionista knows the zip is one of the biggest jewellery trends atm and I love that this anklet looks equally good as a bracelet. It can be bulked up with lots of other delicate bracelet or rocked on its own. Loves it! Birds have also been a big trend this year and the eagle mixed metal piece is awesome it has hinged wings which allow movements and gives it a 3D effect. The chain is fairly short but that's a minor issue easily sorted with a bit of DIY.

Anyhoo get your eBay on and if you have been on there what have you been buying?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Mixtape Mondays #4

It's that time again folk............

Alex Winston- Velvet Elvis. Me likey this song and it is taken from her album King con.Yes folks it is the Google chrome Cambridge satchel company song as seen in my Zesty fresh post a while back. Her voice is such a cool juxtaposition between candy sweet and the darkness of her lyrics.The song actually has a very serious topic called objectophilia which is cool too.

Coldplay- Charlie Brown. My friend HATES coldplay hehehehe but I like them. Not so much at the Olympics. They were very much dead sorry but its the truth.Apart from that random error they produce some good tunes. Loving the day glow.

Psy- Gangnam style. Gangnam fever has swept the nation! I occasionally hear a random Kpop song in an obscure bar but this has really made an impact internationally and I am on it lol.I have no idea what he is saying but all I know is I want to do everything with hopa gangnam style!!!

What are your fav tunes right now?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm Review

Being dubbed as the ultimate all in one dream cream, Sleek Makeup launched its very own BB cream on August 29th and wait for it …… actually caters to women of colour sort of!  Gone are the days of ash, chalkiness and wasted money?.....Maybe not quite.  Now I am not going to go into a rant as to why it has taken so long for a company to make a product that allows women of darker skin and even some paler women to join in  the fun and enjoy the phenomenon of BB creams as many bloggers have done it so eloquently already. Obviously there are some lucky people who haven’t had this problem but I know a large percentage who have so I will just rave about this product.

I had heard about this product on the grape vine and after reading a few trusty blogs took myself off to superdrugs to acquire this "miracle balm" on the 4th of September. For a mere £8.99 this beauty balm contains SPF 15 and can be used as a primer or tinted moisturiser. It promises to hydrate skin while providing full coverage, concealing blemishes and offering anti-ageing benefits and lives up to this. I have found that depending on how much you use it can work as a tinted moisturiser or be used for full coverage its all about making it work for you. I rarely wear a full proper face as I am lazy and I start to feel the make up after a while so this good for me so far.

My skin really does feel amazing all day and it has lasting power. It brightened up my skin and hid my blemishes well. It is thick but not heavy and it didn’t feel as though I had anything on my face. It is very moisturising so you don’t need to put any cream on before hand. This is a really cool product and I use it as an alternative to foundation as I don’t like wearing it everyday. This offers me an alternative that for when my skin needs a boost. I will say the tone is slightly too deep/red but with buffing it works.Unfortunately there are only four shades so a wide range of tones and shades won't be catered to.

The cream is choc-o-bloc full of goodies such as skin loving multi-vitamins, red algae, protein peptides , Vitamin C,  Vitamin E  and jojoba oil. I would definitely recommend this product as a must buy of 2012!

P.s Make sure you match the BB cream to your face/ neck depending on what you want to match and not your hand. If your like me then your hands are a bit lighter than your face so it wont be a true match.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Reads of the month: September 2012

I have a very wide and eclectic taste when it comes to reading and I get through a fair few so I have picked a couple as not to bore you with the gazillions I devour each month. I love reading so much I honestly have been known to read cookery books like they are novels lol. I will be reviewing a mixture of old and new books some will be re-reads as well. Enjoy......

I have 4 books for you guys this month.

  1. The Kite runner by Khaleed Hosseini.
Dubbed as the first Afghan book written in English, I picked this book up a while back but misplaced it half way through in 2004. What with the Afghanistan war being a back drop to our lives for so many years a story actually taking place in that land attracted me to this book. There is almost an Abel and Cain vibe to this book as the story of 2 boys, Amir and Hassan who learn to walk, talk and grow together are separated by their social standing in 70's Kabul. Hosseini weaves an epic political tale spanning decades and continents. With an incredible mix of guilt, loyalty, upheaval, trauma, cowardice, beauty and finally redemption being felt in equal measure. I found parts incredibly difficult to read at times but my hands would not allow me to put the book down. This is a very raw book with culpability, humanity, acceptance and betrayal melded into a very strange and ultimately destructive friendship. An excellent read. (5 stars) 

  1. Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter
 I have finally rediscovered this author again yay. I am working my way through this series so this author may feature again down the road. I absolutely love crime and mystery novels and am a huge CSI buff so this is right up my street. Not to mention that I am getting very good at spotting the bad guy. As the first in the Grant County series this sees the town paediatrician and coroner Sara Linton discover the body of local blind college professor brutally assaulted in the town dinner. The Macabre and gruesome tale delves into a small town being held captive by a murderer.  With the help of her ex-husband who just happens to be the chief of police Sara tries to find those who are responsible before more lives are lost. (3.5 stars)

3.      Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

This book is quite simply haunting. It exudes a sense of foreboding. I found the suspense more thrilling than the actual end of the book. The tale follows the story of the very young and naive second Mrs de Winter as she makes the transition from ladies companion to the wife of the master of Manderly. Once her whirl wind marriage and honeymoon is over she finds her husband a changed man. Her much heard of home Manderly in Cornwall turns out to hold many secrets and is a perfectly preserved shrine to the first Mrs de Winter. On her arrival she is faced with resistance from staff as she is constantly compared to her processor Rebecca and can't seem to find her place in the house. Although Rebecca is dead she is definitely the central character in the book. One of the greats in classic gothic literature. (3.5 stars)

4.  Cloud atlas by David Mitchell

There are no two ways about it, this book is difficult. He isn't the first to write a disjointed and deeply fragmented story and I am sure he won’t be the last but unlike others he does it well. He hasn't used this deconstructed style of writing to cover up a dry story or to coast over a lack of interesting bits it’s like he has just decided to see how many readers could stick it out because that's just how he writes. I love returning to books that I read ages ago as you find something new and deeper on each return.

The book contains a mish mash of characters ranging from a 19th century America lawyer to a slave stow away, a sleazy composer from 1931, a gay composer and scientist, a journalist, a cloned slave and a publisher all are connected in some way. There are 5 stories visited twice in the book except for the centre piece Zachry's tale. Explaining the book is incredibly hard, Mitchell leads you on a roller coaster ride and lays over breadcrumbs that lead to shores unknown He mind trips you through the voices of the characters and idea that each character could possibly be a reincarnation of the character before as the book comes full circle .It has a strange modernist and cryptic feel to it. It is an incredibly interesting book that touches on so many of the great debates of our time. I would highly recommend! (5 stars)

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Mixtape Mondays #3

It's that time again, it's Monday and the hype hype isha must once again begin!

Emeli Sande - read all about it part 3. I love Emelis voice and album, honestly I prefer her version to the Professor Green song so yeah.

AlunaGeorge- Just a touch. I heard about this duo late last year but my friend Nikki (shout outs lol) turned me back on to them again. Having met through Myspace this duo can honestly do no wrong. Alunas voice is very unique and has a child like quality which clashes nicely with her  lyrics. While George knows his way around a beat and synthesiser and throws wicked R'n'B/ electronic textures in. Their debut single Analyser/ We Are Chosen was released this year and you can properly tell these guys have been heavily influenced by the 90's music scene and they fuse that effortlessly into their own special brand of London cool sensuality. Awesome stuff

Public Enemy- Harder than you think. This was THE TUNE of the summer especially for London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. You couldn't turn on your TV without hearing this song. Public Enemy are Hip Hop royalty and this song just seemed to inspire unity and leave the scent of revolution in the air.Hope they made so dollars.

The Jackson 5- I want you Back. Ok seriously this song needs no freaking words just enjoy.

Bonus- How awesome was Micheal Jackson? What a freaking bad man, guy was genius just look at him he looks different and moves different from the rest. A league of his own and them socks woooh lol just  Epic. Every few years I get obsessed all over again and have a massive homage of his greatest hits and this is that time.

Until next time..........

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl