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Facetheory Skincare: Cleansers and moisturiser review


I did a Facetheory skincare haul back in January. 
Having picked up a few products in the sales and have been trialling them since then.

I kept it simple and picked up 3 items. 
2 cleansers and a moisturiser.
Things that I knew I could test throughly and really see results with.

Gentle Skin Cleanser C1 (signature)
Containing avocado, coconut, silk and apricot.
This is targeted towards dry and combination skin- which fits my skin perfectly atm.
This is my favourite cleanser out of the two I bought. I really like how moisturised my face feels post cleanser.
It's very gentle yet oh so effective. It has just the right amount of creaminess and glides on over the face easily. 
You need a pump and half maximum for face and neck coverage so it lasts a long while.
I found the signature cleanser very easy to remove and it didn't leave any residue.
 I have also been leaving this on my face as a mask for about 5-10 mins whilst I potter about and it leaves my face hydrated and silky.
I really do see a subtle glow every time I use it.-Bonus!


Has natural micro pumice stones. 
As well as glycerin, glycolic and salicylic acid.
This means that the cleanser helps to keep skin moisturised as glycerin is a humectant but works 2 fold as a chemical exfoliator and a physical one.
I reach for this cleanser less than the other as the formula is a lot more runny.
I prefer a slightly thicker consistency but I have tried mixing the 2 together for a more substantial consistency.
Which works, so when I buy my next batch, I will mix the leftovers into one container.
I do however like the ingredients and how they make my skin look when I do use it.
My skin feels fresh, bright and soft.
This leaves a really even surface to work with and was a great help when testing out the Madam LA LA bronzer in my February blogger beauty box.
I have found that my skin responds particularly well to bark extract after testing out the Madara  clarifying toner and a few other products, So the willow bark in this formulation is a bonus.
The pumice stones are not abrasive and don't leave my face feeling sensitive or scarred. 
They are used sparingly which I like.
This is also a great gentle exfoliator for hands and feet!

Packed full of hyaluronic acid, vitamins E & C and passion fruit extract.
I really, really, really like this moisturiser!
I actually have combination skin but this is so nice.
It has a whipped quality, which works well with my skin.
From the moment I tested it , I liked it. 
It works well as a day and night cream and really helps to keep the cold weather from battering my skin.
I am experiencing light dryness on my cheeks and chin atm as explained in my Pampering and treatments: Facials- 7 things you need to know post,
 atm so having a moisturiser that is rich and nourishing but doesn't make my face greasy as heck is important.
It is very hydrating yet absorbs to a dewy matte finish.
This is just perfection!
One pump or even half a pump is enough to moisturise my face and neck. 
I also use this a hand moisturiser and find it to be excellent also.
This is a must have in my next order.

Overall I am soooo expressed with the quality and can't wait to stock up.
Being able to customise with natural fragrance. 
As well as having skincare questionnaire to offer you solutions specifically for your skin type really appeals to me.
I am also looking forward to seeing if they bring out any new releases to add to the range.
I think a serum and eyecream would be a great edition.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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