Monday, 28 May 2012

New Look haul

Summer , summer, summertime, Yeah the summer time. Finally we have dispelled the urban myth about  British summers! Although fleeting we have been having fabulous weather of late and I have been busting out the door knocker earring to celebrate. I bought  most of these a few months and left the tags on to remind me of the prices and where I got them but for some reason I peeled off the sale prices * doh!

All items were below £3 pounds for sure and I absolutely LUUUUUV them. I have eclectic taste so there is a bit of everything in there. I didn't realise this but over the last 2 years I have been reaching for over sized retro or kitsch studs more than anything . However the big ass earring baby in me is back.

I often buy pieces of jewellery because they remind me of a place or something I have seen. I do this with clothes as well. slightly weird but works for me.

The pewter and red medallion on the left at the top remind me of the french ladies in waiting and courtesans. Also art they look like the medallions you see on mayors office chains.

The purple and gold dangly feather creations have a Grecian feel and close up there is a lovely print on them. The chains give them movement, as well as complimenting the feathers.

The 2 tiered earrings in the middle actually have a light pewetery brown finish and the little beads just caught my eyes. I am not sure why but they reminded me of a cake with leaf patterns that I saw at a festival.

The flowered earrings just reminded me of those last days of spring before summer hits. The teal green and pastel pinks are very on trend and the gold just adds the perfect back ground.

Last but not least my bronze circles of loveliness. Strangely the reminded me of the late 70's . I can just see big Afros, bell bottoms and sheer over sized shirts. Power to tha people yall lol.

As these were sale items I am unsure if they will be in store or online anymore but have a look.

Until next time lovelies I bid thee adieu.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Just in the NYX of time: NYX Cream Blushes haul

Woooh super excited about my NYX cream blushes. I originally set out to buy my friends little sister a few bits and bobs for her birthday as she is always asking what stuff I use.  Along with her gifts I ended up buying the 6 gorgeous blushes you see below. *swoons* I have a few NYX products knocking about but haven't used them for a while so it was good to return and find them as excellent as ever.

They don't look like cream blushes in the pic but they are super creamy and glide on your face easily giving you a nice dewy  finish. A little goes a long way people!! I don't often like too much overt sparkle in my makeup but Tickled and Diva have just a glimmer and aren't over powering. I have gone for really striking yet subtle and natural blushes in what I am calling my Au naturel dewy girl bopping about town collection. Sometimes just having that hint of flushed colour is more alluring and striking to the overall look than the whole hog.
I got my haul on eBay from a store called Joys cosmetics, who are based in America.  They have great prices and a varied selection. Plus they give you a free gift when you spend over $30 yay for my apricot lipgloss (read my mind). Awesome news for people in the UK as everything is pretty cheap for us over there. It is really easy to get carried away so just ensure you know your rates before you splurge but once you add p&p it works out cheaper than the UK most times if you buy in bulk.

I must also add that their delivery was incredibly quick for international postage. I have ordered things in this very country, practically down the road that have taken longer to arrive -_-. I have already placed my next order! A definite must have is the orange blush which i will treat myself to at a later date. I don't know what I was thinking not ordering it this time. A slight slip of the hand had me ordering golden instead but c'est la vie eh!

Air kisses 
Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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Monday, 21 May 2012

Let's talk abortion.... the last frontier?

I heard a while back that the BBC where going to be producing a 2 hour live radio special  at an abortion clinic this month. After several months of controversy regarding the practises of health professionals in the abortion sector, I think it will be interesting to talk about a subject that is still seen as taboo by society. The fact that you won't see the women's faces is a good idea for privacy but sad as there are a lot of people out there who would troll or bombard them. The show will also consult with the health care professionals that work in this industry and are on the front line every day so to speak. Not being seen will also give these people to speak openly.

I would very much consider myself in favour of peoples to choose. I think ultimately you have the right to do as you wish with your body. However I will say that it is highly unlikely I will ever have an abortion. Luckily I have not been in a position where such a decision had to be made as I don't think I am ready to care for a child or terminate one. I hope never to be because to be honest the idea of it fills me with trepidation, the act is very final. I have never seen abortion as an option for me in regards to a healthy baby. Perhaps this is an emotional response but I  think of the foetus, baby, group of cells whatever you want to call it as a person/ alive as soon as it is formed or the mother is conscious of being pregnant. I don't think I would be able to mentally cope with essentially killing my healthy child.

For many a termination is an option taken after a lot of soul searching and there are several factors that have led them to this point. However there are a few people mainly younger women (some older) who are under the illusion that abortion is another form of contraception. They don't seem to be aware that by having 2, 3, 4 abortions it limits your chances of having a child in future, fertility and damages your body. The procedure is after all a physical trauma.

Having been in various situations where young teenagers have causally discussed how to ditch school for the procedure. I think it is extremely important abortion is talked about openly in Secondary schools and not such a taboo. If this is done sensibly informed decisions can be made in future. I think a termination is a very personal decision to be made by the person and whom ever they choose to involve such as the father or parent, friend but the choice must be theirs. I also believe that sex education needs to step up to the plate at home and in secondary schools.

It is a fact that many teens are having sex and having children so if they have taken the decision to do so, they should be deemed able enough to sit and participate in properly structured sex education lessons. After some research I found out that women are eligible for a termination up to 24 weeks. I had always assumed that it was 3 months, so it highlights that we must all strive to educate ourselves further. My school was deemed to be forward thinking but some of these issues still applied to students and I don't remember any discussions on abortion. I have always been someone who researches everything,so took it upon myself to learn the facts.

I don't think there is enough support given to those who elect to have an abortion once the procedure is done. A lot of the time women are demonised for having had a termination. Having gone through such an invasive procedure I think it is incredibly important for women of all ages to have counselling to ensure they are mentally on point. They really don’t have to justify themselves to anyone but themselves. I hope this show will help some way to bring these things to the forefront, instead of being an arena for the age old pro lifers v pro choice argument.

In a society that has a large appetite for voyeuristic consumption I think it is incredibly important that the show is done considerately and as tastefully as possible. There will most definitely be a large amount of backlash but I really think it is something that needs to be highlighted and discussed.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Such a 90's kid (Part 2)

Hey dudes, this is the second part of my such a 90's kid reminiscences, here is part one for all of you who missed it. If you were a kid in the 90's and loved it then read/ party on.

Via Fuckyeah90's

You knew that Kimberly was the pink power ranger. Mighty morphin power rangers ........Tom the green one loved her right?

You were a little furious when the beanie babies sold out for the 5th time.

Sonic the hedge hog was my homie and Mario was the man.

Remember BN, BN doo doo do dooo doooo BN, BN ? I still hum it til this day and them biscuits are still tasty.

Who remembers: Way down deep in the middle of the Congo, a hippo took an apricot, a guava and a mango. He stuck it with the others, and he danced a dainty tango.
The rhino said, "I know, we'll call it Um Bongo", Um Bongo, Um Bongo,

They drink it in the Congo...................

You know the rest

You rushed home to watch ready steady cook and saved by the bell every afternoon.

Remember talk to the hand? lol

Who remembers your a very nice lady?

via 90spunkrockfeminism

Remember pleading with your mum for the newest yo-yos, pogs, slammers, tamagotchis, digimons and pokemons?

Clueless taught you to say like totally, NOT and argue your way out of anything, Thanks Cher and Dion.

You carried your walkman and radio recorded songs everywhere.

Remember Slam books and those replaceable pen tips pencils

Remember ring pops?

Awwww remember Jewellery rocks?

Remember watching the lion king and screaming at scar for the hundredth time?

Remember shag bands?

Your mum thought it perfectly acceptable for you to watch Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer lool

Via pinterest

You had about ten friendship bracelets, beads and mood rings on at any given time.

Remember garage and house music?

Remember when " have a break, have a kit kat" became an insult?

Remember when Huba bubba tape and Pez were the shit?

Remember the days before the teletubies and when you thought you could understand them?

You have seen each episode of friends about 50 times.

You can throw a pair of Converse or Doc Martins on and your outfit is like BOOM

Remember Sooty and sweep mesmerised you with its epic crapness?

Remember Mr Blobby, blobby, bloooobbbby? ......explains alot about Noel Edmund's lmao

You had a pair of platforms and a Lycra luminous top. (green and orange)

Who remembers cant cook, won’t cook?

Remember plaid shirts and acid washed jeans?

Saturday nights were awesomeness. Not only did you get to stay up late but you had the generation game, Brucey, Gladiators, Noel Edmonds house party, the bill re runs, casualty, the lottery and a gory film for afters (freddie perchance?)!!!

There was something about the slicked haired shiny 90's that gave us a free pass to act bush and pass it off as being epic awesome lol. Ahhhh the good times.

In a while crocodiles!
Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Me, Myse.l.f and I (USA haul)

My friend Bria was in America  last month and lovely girl that she is brought me back a few things from e.l.f, as I often rave about them. Most things are available in the UK but the glossy lip shines in Strawberry doesn't have the sparkles which  isn't such a bad thing.

Left to right- Super Glossy lip shine SPF 15  Juiced berry, strawberry, Honey-Do £1.50 each

I really like these colours they are moisturising and not too sticky. Juiced berry (new) tastes as amazing as it smells and has a soft colour to it. It is very high shine so if you don't like that don't get this product.

Honey - Do also has a lovely light on trend wash of  colour to it. The previous 2 are SPF15 yay. Strawberry is not my fav  because of the sparkles but I still could wear it. All the colours look great and better still at night. They can be used for all occasions, on their own or over lipsticks. I for one will definitely be stocking up on more E.L.F suupergloss lip shines.

Above- All over face cover stick in toffee £3.50.  Tone correcting concealer  in spice £1.50

In hind sight this isn't the best picture. I wanted to show the colours on an un- pigmented background for various people to see how it matched to their own skin tone. I really like the e.l.f all over cover stick. It is very thick but light so it requires a deft hand and a lot of blending but allows my skin to breath. After some experimentation I find that fingers work best. I would use this as an under eye concealer/ highlighter. Toffee is the darkest colour but as I hadn't previously used this before this is the colour Bria got me. It is a perfect match for me. As a dark skinned girl my motto is when in doubt go for the second darkest to darkest and work it out.  The tone correcting concealer is very thin and watery, no bonus points there. I like a texture I can play and work with. It took a bit of experimentation to find the best way to use it on my skin but it can be useful. The best way I have found is mixing it with the coverstick for a better blend for my skin as on its own it can be a bit patchy.

These will definately be used in my late spring and summer make up routines as the lip shines are lovely and the face products are light,offer medium coverage and are breathable.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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Saturday, 12 May 2012

H&M and Primark body candy

Hey lovelies, just a quick one on new items in my jewellery box. Here are a few of my favs right now.....

I got these a few months back but loads of people have been asking me where I have got my necklaces from. So I thought I would share them in a post. When a woman chases you down the high road in the rain its time to give out the secrets lol

Collar: short rigid necklace was £7.99 now £3.99

I have been wearing this so much have had to prise it out of a few fast fingered friends hands. This is still on the H& M website in silver. I am unsure about in stores. I actually got my necklace for £5 so I was lucky I guess. This is a cool way to brighten up any outfit. The laser filigree cut out design is modern whilst the flowers give it a feminine elegant edge. I will say be careful of the hinges as they turn in odd ways and are strangely hard to twist back :-/

This is a detachable super long gold chain with a gorgeous orange rock pendant and gold backing. I love that the colour is so on trend and  I absolutely love rocks.  When I was younger I wanted to be a geologist or archaeologist so rock cores have always fascinated me. You can't really see it in the picture but the swirls are cool. I am totally feeling the hippie talisman quality and is a great summer alternative to the Navajo trend. This will defiantly get a lot of wear at festivals and beauts summer days lazing in the park. This would also work well as a key chain accessory. Unfortunately I couldn't find this online but it may still be in stores.

On to primarni.........

 Primark have been impressing me in regards to jewellery as of late! Their clothes are still a bit hit and miss unfortunately. The seasonal look books always look beautiful with several possible purchases but as everybody knows the primark shopping experience isn't the best. Anyway I bought these a few months ago once again and have been getting rave reviews.

Those massive hoops at the top were £2.50. they are so gorgeous and they look really different on every person (lost the back of one today waaahhh). I chose the silver as they looked better to me and the gold looked a little garish for my tastes. They are rather light compared to other hoops  but do have a little weight to them. As I have gotten older I am becoming more aware of  the fact that I need to preserve my ear holes. I don't want my ears weighed down and end up hanging or resting against my shoulders when I am old lol.

The earrings below were £2 as you can see. They have a strange tarnished finish to them . They have a mild  Grecian feel to them. Totally beauts.

I love, love , love this necklace.  I have been wearing it none stop! It was £4 and has a substantial weight to it and the hinged areas give it a really modern tribal feel. If you are creative and want to switch it up you could remove some panels or incorporate other jewellery pieces into the design them. It also looks good when worn the wrong way round as well.

Until next time lovers


Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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Monday, 7 May 2012

Such a 90's Kid (part 1)

Via Hacksforum

So its bank holiday Monday woop woop and as I sat watching Flipper with my nephew in all its crappy awesomeness, I was transported to a better and simpler time. The 90's lol. The time when cartoons and kids shows were really good and so not like the abominable rubbish on TV today. - God I am old lol

I decided to compile a list of reminiscences and remember whens:


Remember getting up early on Saturday morning coz TV was awesome, even the long Bollywood movies were epic?

Remember rainbow slinkies?

Remember when Starburst was opal fruit?

Remember when half you school day was spent making super S's? hehehe

Remember when Game boy had the classic grey screen?

Remember when Woolworth's was a alive and kicking and regularly donated sweeties to your tummy 
* winks *?

You read and knew at least one person with the whole "GOOSEBUMPS" book collection.
You can sing the whole rap to prince of Bel air-  word for word baby (extended version lol)

Remember Captain planet ? * I die*

Remember the days when Rugrats was king?

Via Pinterest

Your still waiting for Brain from Pinky and the Brain, brain, brain, brain would take over the world!

You remember the original Postman pat, Ghostbusters, Noddy, Fireman Sam and the Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Now you shake your head in shame at the fake ass shit today's youth are watching.

You still till this day rub 50 pence pieces because of the programme the Queens nose. One day it will happen!!!!

Awww the days of Ren and Stimpy, Clarissa explains it all, Sabrina the teenage witch, Live and kickin, Kenan and Kel, Dinosaurs, Boy meets world, Even Stevens, Sister sister, Eddy, Marry Kate & Ashley, Moesha, Saved by the bell and Are you afraid of the dark?

Remember when Snickers was Marathon?

You had one of those weird capsule alien babies in goo. Legend had it that if you stuck them back together they had "babies". Remember the police officer in the tube station story?


Remember the demon headmaster scared the shit out of you and looking away from the screen sporadically meant you were still in control of your mind?

Remember Microsoft windows 95?

Remember the original black widow woman in the adverts?

Remember Kid & Play?

Remember Wayne's world?

Texting on a blackberry for hours ain't shit because your thumbs pushed past that pain with Sega and Gameboy.

Remember Bill and Ted's excellent adventures?

Spice girls had all us girls beating up the boys , screaming girl power and rehearsing the dance routines.


Carol Vordermans mind was a slightly magical machine only to be topped by the timer on count down.

Remember when grunge and angst meant something?

Kappa was the hottest sports brand known to mankind

Remember the days when literacy hour was called creative writing?

Remember playing , my sailor, double double and down down baby in the playground?

 Awww this is so part of my childhood. Remember when shit was good?

Feel free to add stuff or even better make your own list!

See ya later alligators!
Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Where you lead, I won't follow

Via Pinterest
I am nobodies sheep, I am my own shepherd.

Isn't it funny how the same bullshit happens all the time?  I am growing bored of unoriginality and dumb drama. I  was having a discussion with one of my oldest friend a few days ago about a similar situation that happened to both of us.

I have never been that chick that follows a man here there and everywhere. I have my own stuff going on, I am very independent. Sometimes fiercely so. I have no issues being alone in fact sometimes I enjoy it. I very much believe that you have to like yourself and know who you are as 1 before becoming 2.

While at university a guy I was dating had the opportunity to travel for work and go to America for 6 months. We weren’t serious just dating having fun and getting to know each other. When I heard this news I was so happy for him. He didn’t have the position he wanted but this was a gate way to better things.  He didn’t go to uni or  a good college so he was having a hard time finding a position he wanted and had started pretty low down. As we all know these days you need a few A levels to be a dust bin man and a masters to work in Tescos, times are hard. More responsibility meant he would be noticed. I was so happs for him it was unreal; I love to see people going places.

He asked me to go along with him. Not for a visit or maybe a week or two but the whole time. To do what twiddle my thumbs? It wasn't possible or a consideration as nice an offer as it was. It was my second year of uni and I had serious exams and things planned.  Can't get up and leave for that long just to keep you company, sorry mate. As soon as he heard that no everything changed.  Suddenly I didn’t support him, I was uppity - who even says that anymore?!, Reading books gave me ideas (isn't that the point?)..... All kinds of shit was cascading forth from his mouth!

This totally came out of the blue. Now anyone who knows me knows I don’t take kindly to people talking all kinds of shit to me, especially unfounded. My temper does not allow for that kind of disrespect to occur without backlash. As my mother says I don't entertain that kind of nonsense. First of all Mother fucker, who even suggested that you  pitch to be part of the team that is going to America? Who sat for endless hours listening to you whine? WHO trained your bitch ass and coached you? ME, uppity no. Level headed and proud of who I am and what I will and have achieved without a flipping doubt.

I wasn’t about to sit there and apologise for saying no, thinking of myself and the reality of the situation G.T.F.O.H! Safe to say I immediately terminated that situation. I am not sheep; I don't follow blindly simply because I have been lead in that direction. I had a plan and I intended to stick to it. Why am I failing my degree for some dude? Some dude I might add that was sent home after 2 months and later given the boot for his stupidity. I could go on about this fool but I don't want to promote his tales of dumb fuckery. He bombarded me with apologies and still "checks in" to this day. Shit really does stick eh?  I have had this number for a good 10 years I don’t intend to change it so feck orrf.

Via Pinterest

My friend is going through a similar sitc. Her boyfriend of 3 months has just been offered a 10 month placement in Russia and he wants her to up root her life and come with him. Problem is she has just landed her dream job. In this current economic climate it is rare to find your dream job that pays well and has great benefits. Now she is kinder than me because she actually tried to see if her company had a branch where he is going ... they don't. He has basically given her an ultimatum, come or we are done. What happened to long distance? What happened to visits?  What happened to compromise? I can't stand people who try to impose and bend you to their will. Relationships are about give and take. No? I mean honestly what is he giving you in return? They are fresh, still new; they are not long term, stable, married or engaged. Their connection on a real is flimsy and at the first hurdle he has failed. What if she can't find work? Love may be fire for the soul but it doesn’t feed ANYONE. Before you know it he resents her for being dead weight and not contributing. Then shacks up with some local talent called Rulenska who makes him Borsch each night.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I have learnt that you need a contingency plan. I have an idea of who I am and who I want to be. I have goals and ideas of  what needs to be achieved personally. I am a person that would try to  incorporate my potential other half’s hopes and dreams if I became a we. What I will never do is follow someone to the end of the earth to pursue their dreams and then neglect my own. I won't selflessly kill myself to support him while I teeter on the edge of a precipice. If you don’t hold my dreams with your own or in consideration, we really have nothing to say.

There are a lot of I's above but It is not selfish to love and hold yourself and dreams in high regard. It is ok to know who you are want to and achieve. Don’t let people take that away from you. What I have said may sound negative but if you don't look after yourself, who will?  I have seen so many people proudly go down that road only to return a broken shell of themselves. Sometimes you have to learn from your own mistakes but this is a time I would suggest learning from others.

Why am I always writing you lot essays?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sleek blush by 3 palette - Spring to summer blushes

Hey lovelies,
here are the blushes that I have been reaching for of late.
I have put MAC down and now worship at the alter of Sleek!
I bought 2 blush by 3 palettes from Superdrugs back in January or February and love them.

sleek blush by 3 2012 palettes

The palettes I purchased were Pumpkin and Sugar.
They retail for about £9.99 and the colours are so gorgeous, well pigmented yet light and easy to apply.
The colours may look slightly scary in pan but let me assure you they go on so well.
As a dark skinned girl my skin can take brighter colours and these warm palettes are just right when applied with a light hand. I wouldn't have you going out looking like bo bo!!

                 Turbinado                                                  Muscovado                                       Demerara                               

I really needed a palette that could be super subtle or dramatic at the drop of a hat. I needed something that could be used on a day to day basis. Turbinado and Demerara are matt and very rich.
Muscavado has a pretty shimmer that is great as a highlighter or for a glowing finish.

Lantern                                                          Squash                                                         P pie               

 I absolutely adore these colours. They are most definitely on trend for spring and summer and really give your face a fresh faced pop of colour. I have heard that colours can be a bit chalky if your face is not moisturised and primed well, so do ensure your basic face care is done.

Sleek has really stepped up over the last 3 years. Their packaging  has really stepped up and is well sleek, it is plastic but very durable and has a classic design.
These are limited addition palettes and have already sold out several times over in both of my local Superdrugs. They are available online but I think their products are slightly more expensive online.

I really want to add the lace palette to my collection but I have heard they are literally like the holy grail and people are taking pilgrimages to totally obscure locations to get one. Hopefully I will get one for my collection soon.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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