Saturday, 18 January 2014

An unexpected friend: Fisherman's friend sample*

Yay it's Saturday! 
*sighs deeply*. Guys I have the office cold bleuuurgggh.
It's a weird one too as I am in that grey non entity field of having half symptoms. It's almost as if as if my cold isn't committing to the cause *side eye*. My throat is partially sore but just at the top. My nose is bunged up yet my face doesn't hurt. I actually feel strangely energetic but go through a mid morning lethargic phase. unfortunately people hot desk at work (not me lol I don't play that homie)  and this sorry saga all started when a woman from another department brought her sars to my floor and started  hacking her guts up. Within 12 hours I was sniffly. At 4am in the morning my nose literally blocked up and rebuked air with the same ferocity a Pentecostal rebukes demons!
My throat got worse as I was breathing through my mouth and couldn't sleep for more than 15min because my body tried enthusiastically to kill me, with limited air supply. Safe to say I have been walking around the office for the last few days rubbing surfaces with antibacterial gel.

Free Fisherman's Friend
   Luckily I managed to sit through my meetings without spewing snot at my managers face ( pause for visual). My day ended with a lovely double paper cut. Fun times eh?

All was not lost as when I got home, I found a lovely lil package waiting for me. Last December Fisherman's Friend were spending out free packs to carol singers to help keep their voices in good condition and I emailed in for a freebie *ahem I sing in my room so it counts ok?!*.
I totally forgot about it as I  was sure they would be inundated with requests but lo and behold. I got a pack and just in the nick of time too.

I was sent the blackberry flavour which works surprisingly well with the strong aniseed flavour and it is just what I needed. I have always liked Fisherman's friends and am particularly fond of the original as my mum used to buy them for me back in the day :-D
My love has been ignited again and I am even considering sending off for a free tin lol.

So thank you Fisherman's friend I really needed it! Such a small thing made me feel better.
Anyone else experienced their first cold of the year and wondering why they spent the last few months guzzling Echinacea and vitamins to no end ?

Until next time...................

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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*This was a free sample

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Well hello there 2014 (haul)

Hi Lovelies its is my first post and haul of the year! 
Happy 2014!!!

 I went out for a new work/ every day black tote bag and came back with er'thang but a black tote. Hehe famous last words.

This haul started out as things I actually needed and ended up like so.....well what I want and what I need is pretty much the same ish. 

L-R: B.pure Micellar water, Naturally radiant 2 in 1 moisturiser and serum and Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Day Cream SPF15
These are actually repurchases that have become a daily part of my skincare base routine. Superdrugs had a promotion on B. pure and as one of the bottles was slightly dented I got another discount. As my skin worked so well with the Naturally radiant range, I decided to add their day cream to the mix. It is has a good level of absorbency ,is light and on sale here.
Top: Tea Tree water toner
Bottom: Mask of Magnaminty

Who doesn't love a bit of LUSSSSSSSSSSHHH?!  I stopped by the Brent Cross branch and practically yanked my friend Nikki inside for some lush loving. I limited myself to 2 things that I actually needed. I know I know, I went in and came out with nary a bath bomb but as you will see in my last post and below I have enough to be getting on with.
I stocked up on  Mask of Magnaminty which is currently working wonders on my face as I type.It smells sooo good. This mask has gained cult status in the blogesphere and with good reason. My skin always looks refreshed and feels so silky after using it. It also contains some of my fav scents in the world. Vanilla and peppermint. 
Quick tip: I leave mine in the fridge and have never had any problems with mold.

My second purchase was Tea tree Water . It is good for so many things such as normal toner, face refresher, makeup setter the list goes on. The combination of tea tree , juniper berry and grapefruit work perfectly together. If you have oily or spot prone skin this is a definite must have! the tea tree is very nurturing and doesn't dry or strip the skin. It is perfect for all skin types.

If you haven't heard of Lush. Check them out

L-R: Vanilla Body Mist, Strawberry Body Polish, Hemp Hand Protector

Another one of my old favs is The Body Shop. Once again I limited myself to shit I need yo. because I am a grown up like that lol Anything Vanilla in the body shop is up my street. I am all about it. When I saw the body mist on sale my eyes literally popped out my head,I loooooove it. I used to go in to the body shop everyday on my way to school and spritz myself shhhh.

I have mentioned the Hemp hand protector before on here and It really is a god send but they didn't reduce this one iota in the sales which was disappointing - rather annoyed. I still bought it as it lasts me a long while and our winter weather is horrid right now. Luckily I got a 20% discount as I purchased 4 things. If you haven't tried the strawberry body polish go and smell it, its divine.

L-R: Zara  Eau de toilette natural sprays: Black peony and Oriental

I have never paid too much attention to Zara perfumes but boy oh boy am I now! On my quest to find a suitable black tote I stopped off at Zara and my eye was immediately caught by the perfumes as I looked at jewellery.

I am not a massive perfume girl. I usually have 4-5 signature perfumes on the go that last me ages and I usually prefer mens stuff such as Armani code unless its my Chanel, daisy or obsession. I am not a big fan of super sweet scents and love bergamot and sandalwood notes found usually in mens stuff.

I picked up Black peony which is very heady and has notes of bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood, which appeal to me. Likened to Viktor Rolfs Flowerbomb with less sweetness it  is a little intense for some and mostly recommended for sultry evenings but I would where it anytime. It is a gorgeous scent. For an in depth analysis click here

I also got Oriental which also has notes of vanilla, floral and wood. Its less intense than Black peony and a beautiful fragrance which works well with me. Analysis here  Both were under £10 each and are great bang for buck. The packaging is very nice and good quality all round. I will definitely be going back for more.

Nike Blazer Mid Twist  Grey Suede
I am not much of a trainer girl and I wanted something that would incorporate style as well as function. I got these at the London designer outlet in Wembley which is not to far away from me for a bargainous £45! These can sell for up to £120 so I am very happy with my discount. I haven't seem many people wearing them which is good and I went for a dusky grey which goes with a lot. I love the snake skin detailing and ankle wrap around feature. The laces are a little unusual and don't actually let you tie them yourself. They are made of elastic material and are pre -tied.

L-R: H&M xoxo bracelet set and earrings
I picked up an xoxo bracelet and bird bracelet set in the sales. I also picked up a lovely set of triple arrow studs. They have a military-esque feel to them.

Top: Primark slate grey knitted coatigan
Bottom: Punk strap boots

Sorry Guys I didn't realise how creased the bottom of my cardi was. I picked these 2 items in the primark sales. I love a cardigan and this one is just a classic piece. It is just below bum length and close knitted with a round neck. The ares are a little dropped which gives it a coatigan effect.

I also had to get these boots as I saw them when they first came out and totally forgot about them as they usually sell out in my size quickly. Luckily My friend found the last pair or me and I snapped them up. I have a love affair with the 90's and cleated soles are my thing. Tartan is always trendy and with this rainy weather a nice pair of toasty toe warmers.

And finally a notebook. I like to start of the year with a fresh note one and this one is so purtay. It has recycled paper so I am helping the earth and only cost £1 in the pound shop! I know too good to be true.

Its been a bit of a long one but I hope you saw some cool ideas and have been having a good new year thus far.

Until next time.......

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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