Friday, 29 January 2016

New in: Superdrug skincare

Hey loves,

 I had a browse around the superdrug website and grabbed a few old faithfuls as well as a few new items that caught my eye.
There is always a deal to be found in superdrug and I always stock up when I am online ot in store.

Old faithfuls:

Superdrug do some really great face masks. 
They are very affordable and as there a plethora of choices so there will be something for everyone.
These are always great to buy in bulk like I did back in my Skincare: summer 2015 post.
I picked these up as part of a promotion and have used a few already. They are a quick and easy way to pamper my skin.
So yep great masks to keep stock up on.

This is one of my all time fav cream cleansers.
I always stock up on this as it just makes my skin feel amazing and really takes off the day so well.
I find that The Superdrug naturally radiant range works really well for me. 
For a highstreet drug store range I think they are well formulated and my skin really benefits.

New buys:

I have actually tried this before briefly but never owed one myself .
It is actually for men but if it isnt pumped full of "testosterone/ man ingredients" then I am happy to use it. As it is just marketing and packaging targeted towards men.
The formula is nice and moisturising and makes a great hand cream too.

I grabbed this as part of a BOGOF deal as I really like the naturally radiant range and really like the texture.
It isn't a balmy texture like I thought it would be.
It has fine golden flecks that add to the  brightening effect.
A positive is that the flecks aren't chunky which is great for not making any visible pores look like craters. 
I haven't been using it long enough to speak on any other qualities but so far it's a thumbs up so far.

I really enjoy using charcoal products and have seen really good reviews.
So I intrigued to see how this compares to other charcoal products I have tried previously.

Glycolic Is always good to keep in your arsenal.
Although this is targeted to more problematic or ageing skin. 
I still wanted to give it a try as I love smooth bright skin and as I like most people get the occasional blemish.
Something to help combat that  whilst plumping and evening out textured areas is always welcome.

All I have heard is rave reviews about this and I am so keen to try it.
 It always seems to be sold out in store,
so I was so happy to finally nab this.
I am currently testing serums so I will begin using this in the next few weeks but having tested it on my hand it sinks in really well. It didn't leave any odd residues and isn't tacky once dried.

This this definitely one for the beauty SOS kit.
Tea tree, honey and propolis are great for their healing, renewal and antiseptic properties.
All helping to soothe skin irritations

So those are my Superdrug buys.

Until next time.............

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Monday, 25 January 2016

London Health show 2016: An intimate yet informative affair*


Last Thursday I wrapped up warm, slipped into some stylish yet comfy shoes and headed up to the Olympia London for the London Health Show*. 
As we all know health, beauty and wellness is big business and ever expanding in the UK.
What with bloggers flourishing in these areas too, what better way to see what is happening in the market than to attend an event?

The London Health Show specifically showcased distributors from all sectors within the health and wellness market and what would be at the forefront for 2016. 
This was much smaller than the exhibitions/ events I have attended in the past, so it really gave us a chance to meet and chat with distributors, industry insiders and discover new products properly. 

I took my mum along for company as she is a qualified Holistic therapist and loves trade exhibitions.
The floor was divided into 6 sections. Nutrition & supplements, beauty, complementary health, sports and fitness, organic and natural product and healthcare technology.
Not only did the event offer access to distributors but offered live demonstrations, conferences, CPD workshops and presentations with a variety of speakers.
Obviously I targeted Beauty, food and complementary therapy first as who doesn't like to be beautified, whilst eating great healthy snacks and being massaged by a professional?


In between browsing  we enjoyed stopping to watch a hulafit demo as well as listen to a few speakers.
Our particular highlights were a branding, pr and marketing tools workshop given by Cheryl Hersey, the Director at Action Pr
We also found Director and chair of BANT  Miguel Toribio-Mateas incredibly interesting.
He gave a workshop on personal nutrition which was insightful.

A few of my stand out distributors were:
Queen Of Oil - The whole team was lovely and gave us an excellent discount on their 100% Argan oil.
Sheila’s Natural products- were really attentive and knowledgeable.
Inspiral - was one of the busiest stands and for good reason. They had great banter and made sure that they engaged each person. We walked away with a lot of kale-Os snacks!
Attis UK -As a lover of natural affordable skincare. This stand drew my eye straight away and we left with a few goodies to try out.


I really enjoyed my time at the London Health Show 2016. 
Not only was it great to meet distributors who are passionate about their products but it is also a excellent way to network, find new brands, gain insightful information about products and receive excellent discounts!

Until next time........

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

*I was kindly invited to this event and received a press pass however as always my opinions and views remain my own.
 Please see the Ms. Wednesdays Girl disclaimer in full here.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Marilou Bio Cleansing Gel review


My face feels so unbelievably silky and soft!
The Marilou Bio Cleansing Gel is another buy from my finding natural skincare haul 
and I am really enjoying it.

I didn't start using it until after I had finished reviewing
my Alba botanica Hawaiian facial range bits and The balm balm frankincense deep cleansing balm which I seriously adore.
Then I got on to this one asap.
It's has been a few months now so I think it is a perfect time to review how my is feeling / reacting to this product.

First of all I have to say my skin always looks radiant after using this and after about 4 days I saw a clarity to my complexion.
I don't have dull skin per se but I do notice when my face isn't as bright as usual.
So I love products that add luminosity and this does the job especially as it is winter.
I found that using the Marilou bio cleansing gel and My Madara clarifying toner*  after kept my complexion bright and smooth even if I had a few blemishes.

Derived from 98% natural ingredients.
This light cleanser has great slip whilst allowing grip for massage.
Once smoothed over the face it doesn't have a traditional foaming which I like and quickly gets working on the skin.
Only a small amount is needed and if you want a more visible lather of sorts,
 it is best applied to damp skin instead of wet as recommended.
My skin feels clean but not dry as with some other gel cleansers and can confirm it really is formulated for all skin types.
There is no dryness or tight feeling and my face just feels lovely.
The lack of dryness is especially useful now that we are experiencing snow and super cold weather.
It is incredibly gentle and non stripping.
The minty cornflower fragrance is subtle and the glycerin definitely ups the moisture
and glossy feeling post cleanse.
I would definitely say this is a second cleanser for me once I have removed any makeup and want to ensure my face is totally impurity free.

This is a great everyday gel cleanser and can be used daily.
Which is a plus as some gels are very drying on non oily skin.
I have normal/ combination and have really enjoyed it.
 It lasts a good while and I still have more than half  a bottle left.
It is very affordable yet effective so I would definitely buy this again and am looking forward to trying other products from the range.

Have you tried the Marilou range?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Friday, 15 January 2016

Makeup Revolution haul: dupes, highlighters and thinking outside the box


Ok so I have finally, Fi-nal-ly done a Makeup Revolution haul! 
Not a lipstick here and an eyeshadow there.
A proper haul! 
Makeup revolution has been on my radar for the longest time and I just hadn't got around to ordering a proper haul.
So after honing my long list of goodies I was ready to order. 
That epic Christmas discount didn't disappoint either.

So the packaging is super basic but black is classic and luckily it seems sturdy enough, so no issues there from me. 
My heart was set on the Radiance highlighter palette for the longest time. 
So that was first to go into my basket. 
I am a fan and it's super affordable.
I am all about the glow, that delicious thing that makes me glow to the gawds!
The glow is necessary when artfully done!
Having said that I am not trying to have Tim Peake spot me either lol .
So this is a good one as this
palette is more of a subtle highlight trio, for a more finely milled finished natural glow.
However it is very buildable if you want a stronger finish.
Peach Lights was also a no brainer for me and that was swiftly added to the basket.
It is slightly cooler in tone but not ashy because of that iridescent peach tone which my skin really picks out.

As soon as I clocked the Baked bronzers, I knew they would make amazing highlighters for me as well other deeper skintones! 
I picked up Rock on world and it is beautiful. Just beautiful. 
Great pigment and easy to blend.
The quality is so buttery soft and it is pretty much a dupe for Global glow MSF by MAC. With a much cheaper price tag.
Rock on world appears more bronze in pan but they are pretty much spot on.
I am SO impressed with this bronzer and obviously need more!
Lightly layering rock the world with peach lights is also stunning giving lit from within effortlessly ethereal look.

 Baked Blushers Hard Day,  Make Love Instead and All I think about is you, were must haves for me.
 I wasn't sure about these once they arrived and actually planned to return them as I thought they might be too ashy for me on seeing them.
I am so glad I didn't! If they hadn't of worked out I could always give them to a friend. But luckily for me they did.

As with my Kiko haul, I am switching up the product purpose and will actually be using the baked blushes as highlighters primarily.
I have to say they work amazingly well. 
After swatching them I was impressed but after leaving them to become accustomed to my body temp and body oils etc for a few minutes they looked even better.

Unexpectedly I picked up the Agonise Eye Dust.
I have strayed away from eyeshadows for a long while.
So haven't really purchased anything new but this gorgeous colour caught my eye.
 I think it is deceptively simple but can be transformed into some awesome looks and would absolutely kill!
There was a bit of fall out which can get glitter everywhere but if handled correctly it is so beautiful.

And finally Lips!
What is a makeup haul of mine without a few lip products?
I have heard about the softness of the amazing Lipliners and can attest to that.
I grabbed  Rebel and Cherry Red.
Although they are a little cool toned than I would usually go for.
They aren't ashy and are great for changing the hues of warmer toned lipsticks especially.
I LOVE deep lipsticks.
 I wear them all year round.
So obviously I grabbed this beautiful brown berry toned #Liphug in Still missing my baby.
The finish is creamy on the lips but has low shine and excellent coverage. Liking it a lot.
The Atomic Lipstick Make Me Tonight is very deep and vampy which I adore but it does need to be built up for solid intensity and lasting power.
However for the price it is bloody excellent. I does have a gel like slip texture to it which is different too.

I also picked two Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers in Vamp and Rebel.
A comfortable inbetween of matte but not moisture depriving.
So far Vamp is my fav (big surprise).
It comes out as a deep purple with grey smokey undertones and the colour pay off is good but it will not last whilst eating etc.
So definitely carry for reapplication.
You can remove with a wet wipe but to minimise tugging oil is best.

So that's it guys.
 I am VERY happy with everything I got.
 I love that everything I got is of a quality much higher than the prices paid for it.
They are already becoming firm staples and go to products.
They are super affordable and with discounts often being added even more so.
So I will def be going back for a few more key products.

What are your favourite Makeup revolution buys so far?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Facetheory Skincare haul

So if you haven't heard about the natural UK personalised skincare brand Facetheory, likelihood is you have been doing a good job of living under a rock!

I came across Facetheory early last year when there was considerable hype surrounding the brand.
Especially in the bloggersphere! 
As with most bloggers I have a long and extensive list of products I really like the look of and want to try and  Facetheory was one of them.
 I didn't order straight away as I wanted to see how the company progressed and see reviews from a variety of bloggers. 
As a blogger I think it's important to be aware of what is out there/ cutting edge but I also think it is just as  important not to jump on the bandwagon and keep your content authentic.
Which is why I waited for the hype to settle a little bit.

I really like their simple message and the fact that they use natural ingredients (check out my finding natural skincare post), are paraben free, against animal testing and another of their usp's being that they have a questionnaire to ensure your skincare is catered to you. 
Of course you don't have to stick to their results, if you think something would be better suited.
However it steers you in the right direction and gives you a place to start.
Facetheory also often have pretty good discounts, which is just dandy for a savvy shopper like me!

And so after that intro lets get into the actual haul.

I picked up 3 items and with a 40% discount code all 3 came to under £20!
Can't beat it.

Gentle Skin Cleanser C1
Containing avocado, coconut, silk and apricot.

Glycolic Exfoliating Cleanser (E1) 
Has natural micro pumice stones. As well as  glycolic and salicylic acid.

Packed full of hyaluronic acid, vitamins E & C and passionfruit extract.

I have just started using these and I have to say the signature cleanser and supergel moisturiser are standing out to me so far.
The moisturisers texture surprised me as I expected it to be more of a gel like consistency but having tested it I like it a lot and I also think it would make a really nourishing hand cream.
 I noticed after using it on my hands it didn't deteriorate or change after washing my hands a few times.

Obviously that is my first impression and I will be doing a proper trial. 
So far I like the quality of the products and as I know my skin thrives on natural oils etc I am excited to get started.

Have you tried Facetheory?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Handbag heroes #1

Hi Loves and a happy new year!!!!
So this is something different.
More of a what's in my bags, bag situation.

I decided to do a handbag heroes post about the other things that are always in my bag other than the usual umbrella and mint staples (this is London umbrella hasn't left my bag since year seven lol).

I keep my beauty ish/ miscellaneous things that I need in here so lets get started.

This is my go to bag all purpose balm of choice.
I always have this in my bag and usually a back up in case I lose it but these last so long.

 I don't have medication I take regularly so this is usually some ibuprofen, hayfever tabs, energy tabs etc I like to be prepared.
There are parts of me that are incredibly organised.
To the point where people say I am such a mum as I anticipate your needs 0.o - I am not a pusher!
 I like to be prepared!
I do get migraines and although I have a high pain threshold, life is better for all if my migraine is seen to asap.

ummmm the smell!
 I do have my staples when it comes to handcream (checkout my winter skincare saviours) but love to try new ones and this is proving to be pretty moisturising and light.

I buy these in bulk from primark. It is like 50 of varying sizes for £1. Which is a bargain.
 They don't snag on my hair and if they snap I am ok with the price. They are also great for multipurpose quick fixes.

Lipsticks & lip pencil 
I usually have 2 lipsticks and a brown lip pencil in my pouch.
I will usually all throw in whatever lip product of the day if it is something different.
Currently I am in LOVE with brown/ deep berry brown lips so my choices at the moment are Diva & Antique velvet by MAC.
Which are very similar.- I know seriously, I know!

Blotting paper
 It gets pretty muggy rushing around all day so these are a life saver for keeping your face excessively shine free yet still leaving the skin glowing. You can find these very cheaply on eBay.

Contact lenses
 I am a frequent glasses wearer and occasionally wear contact lenses.
These are a spare back up in case I want to change my look or refresh my eyes.

Hand sanitiser 
In any major city this is a must. 
Especially in London when you are travelling on public transport.
People are DIRTY as fuck! 
So just keeping your hands clean saves you from having an unnecessary amount of germs on you.
If you work in an office with desk jumping or just a busy office this is a must also. 
Get your anti bac wipes too!
My current one is Orla Kiely in geranium.

This is a great travel size spritz to refresh the face during the day. 
I actually discovered this when a friend brought it back from America for me and have only seen it once in the uk. 
I had the good sense to buy 2 from the 99p shop of all places and will be sad when it is finished.
 They are however great containers to reuse.

Hair product
This could be anything.
I received a sample years and and kept the container.
I  now fill it with a small amount of gel for fly aways or conditioner.

Cork screw
yep, you read that right.
 I keep a cork screw in my bag lol
 I used to be a bar tender in my uni summer holidays and was given this for my little kit on my first day!
It's one of those fancy, I have every attachment under the sun MacGyver things.
I am also that person everybody asks for cocktail ideas, wine recommendation etc. As seen in my holiday spiced mulled cider recipe.
I even created a wedding cocktail called the J&J for my brothers wedding.
Stick with me kid, we won't be drinking white lightening at bus stops but a bit of Pinot at a picnic in a park and I am your woman!

So those are my Handbag heros, what are your must haves?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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