Tuesday, 29 April 2014

MUA mini haul

  Hi lovers, 
Here we have another case of I went in to browse and here we are lol.
In actual fact 90 percent of the basket was put back lol. I wanted to give these a really good try before sharing.
All I needed was mascara but my eye was caught by £1 dark berry matte lipstick , even though
it's summery, I love a dark lip. I also picked up one if their new range of lip laqueurs for £3.

MUA wild berry matte lipstick and  MUA LUXE  lip lacquer in funk

My friend absolutely loathes the MUA matte lipsticks. Her words being "it makes my lips ugly and goes on like sand paper" lol but other than it being a little sheer and not as deep/ pigmented as I would like it. It is a cool lipstick/ stain and smells nice.
I actually picked up the wrong lip lacquer.Waaaaaah. I really wanted kooky but I took way to long and now can't return it so I am going to keep it.

L-R- MUA lash Boom, MUA mega volume mascara

My last item is mascara. Mascara is a daily essential. I often go bare faced but brows and mascara are a must!  I rather like the MUA Mega Volume mascara (pink) and thought that I would try out the MUA Lash Boom, not stopping to check if it was waterproof or not -_-. It isn't but I still kept it and it isn't that great for me. The wand does nothing for me and for some reason the formula occasionally irritates my eyes.
In terms of MUA mascara it is definitely back to the mega volume!

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

TonyMoly haul

Hi all,
 I ordered these adorable lip gloss bars from TonyMoly a while back, after seeing them on a few blogs and deciding to try something new.

L-R Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bars number 3 juicy apple  and 7 neon orange

I have been aware of TonyMoly for a while and they were on my list of things to try. 
I have been wanting to try more
Asian products specifically Korean and Japanese but I just hadn't got around to it.
So I am diving in.
It can be a bit tricky to find these in the UK so after checking a few Korean sites carrying them, I headed over to my trusty friend eBay and found some great deals.

I picked up these two (3 and 7) for £5.77 including p+p, which arrived very fast.
Number 3 is a really nice pinky berry colour and number 7 is part of their neon collection and a lovely orange. They aren't deep solid colours but they do provide a lovely moisturising sheer wash of colour. I have received a fair few comments on the colours as well as the cute lil faces on the packaging.
They have a nice scent and last a good while.

To be honest I am not the "girliest" of girls but I was drawn to their packaging and have amused myself at work with the cap faces for minutes at a time. So for me I wanted to try these for the cute packaging as much as for the product.

I don't think I would buy any more from the 9 gloss collection as some of the colours look very similar from the swatches I have seen.

So far so good!

Free samples

I also got some free samples YAY! I am yet to try them but I am so looking forward to it. I won't however be trying the bb cream from Etude house as it won't be my skin colour and it has whitening properties written on the package which is so not up my street 0.o. I am aware on some Asian cosmetics packaging whitening and brightening are used interchangeable but this isn't one of those times.

Until next time ......

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Becoming a Dementia friend

Hi all, 
This is going to be a totally different but incrediably important post. 

A few weeks ago, a work colleague completed her Dementia Champion training and held her first ever talk. I was invited along with a few other people and was really inspired by her and her process of explaining how to be more aware of people within the community and understanding what Dementia really is. Along with a seasoned Dementia Champion Friend who was there for support she delivered an amazing session. As part of the talk we took part in activities such as Dementia bingo and it really helped to bring the message home.

 And so I am now a Dementia friend. It only took an hour but we learnt so much. This is an incredible way to become more aware of the condition, remove stigma and educate yourself in the process.

I would definitely recommend checking out the Dementia Friends website.

You may also find saying my last goodbye interesting.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

eBay times!

Hey loves,
I saw this really cute and chic watch at the beginning of the year on The Black Pearl Blog  and immediately went and got myself one.
She also purchased a minty pastel colour which I would have also gone for but wanted to test the quality first.(a moment of  restraint o.O lol).
I have had the watch since mid January and it has been used A LOT and i am not a watch person!
I don't often wear watches but I do like them more now I am older and for testing purposes I rinsed this watch to the max.

Geneva royal blue silicone jelly watch

This watch is so nice, it is an electric royal blue which is very on trend and a cool alternative to black. The silicone straps lend it a nice sports luxe feel, while the rose gold face and numerals give it an expensive feel. I paid less than £3 and couldn't be happier. There has been no damage or wear and tear at all and this includes occasionally being worn with the  face being reversed inside my wrist- I am weird it's cool.
I have received soooooo many compliments with this bargainous piece and I feel like my fingers are twitching for the minty one. I can't say this will improve my occasional bouts of questionable lateness but they sure are pretty.
There is something for everyone colour wise. There are even diamante encrusted ones which are not up my street but might work for you. The whole range can be found here. Check them out. 

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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