About me

Eyebrows behind the blog

Aquarius state of mind

Hi I am Stephanie. 
I am a 20 something professional living, loving and breathing London. 
Ms. Wednesdays Girl was created with the sole purpose of expressing my musings and ramblings 
on various topics be they funny, light hearted, deep or dark gained on my everyday travels. 
I cover a wide range of topics. So in one post I maybe talking about baking the best loaf of bread randomly baked in the early hours
 and then the next could be about D.I.Y face masks or updating my skincare routine. 
Expect the unexpected and be prepared for food, lifestyle, fashion, books and everything else that crosses my mind.

This is my slice of the very big internet pie, so thank you for stepping into my creative space. Stay a while.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl