Wednesday, 20 April 2016

TK MAXX homeware haul: Spring 2016

This may be one of my smallest hauls ever! But the pieces are so pretty and such good value for money that I just had to share!
I decided to revamp my space and give it a bit of a lift for spring.

I always find good stuff in Tk Maxx and this time was no different.

What is a trip to Tk maxx without coming out with a candle?

I picked up:

which smells so light yet fragrant.
 It has amber and woody notes which I love but is also fresh. I picked this up for £5.99.

As the name suggests this is a very rich and deep candle.
I love what are traditionally winter candles all year round.
I find them really soothing and this candle just smells amazing.
 It is a massive 2 wick candle for less than £6!

These have over 35 hours burning time each and the jars are just as gorgeous as the scents.

I also grabbed this stunning burnished copper terrarium/ display box. (similar)
A blogger staple I know but I bagged this in the sale area and received a further discount bringing the total down to £6.99!
These sell out so fast online but I know for a fact the stock these in several branches. Some even with a better discount than I got.

I am sooo happy with my new spring homeware buts and bobs and can't wait to go back and get some more goodies.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Skincare: Brightening products to get the glow

Ms_wednesdays_girl_Skincare_Brightening_products_to_get_the glow

So I am all about the glow. 
Whether it is highlighters- Check out my Makeup Revolution favs or doing a d.i.y face mask
I love it. There is nothing better than having a healthy glow.
For me sorting out my skin is the most important beauty step. 
If your skin isn't as good as you can make it. 
There is absolutely no use applying make up to skin that hasn't been cared for properly and wondering why your make up doesn't t look right.

I have been really happy with the products I've been using lately and wanted to share.
Luckily my skin doesn't get too dull/ have that greyish cast some get with the English weather but as a person with combination skin (usually: normal/combination. Now: normal/combination/ a few dry patches). 
Walking that fine line between hydrated, non textured, glowing skin has been helped by these skincare products below!

I snagged this on sale for £2.90 but really disliked this product to begin with.
It is actually an Anti-aging product but as I have said before if I see brightening I am on it.
It isn't a peeling mask as the name would suggest, I just think the name is misleading and not a good description for it.
However once I started massaging my face and then leaving it on for about 5 minutes I saw a massive difference and loved it.
It has an oleogel formulation which means that there isn't a physical feeling of exfoliation and the texture is a mix between an oil and serum. Once I had worked out how to make it work for me I saw immediate results.
As you can see I need to pick up a new one. I suggest going in store as It is always sold out online. 

Essence is very big business in Korean beauty and is another layer in helping the face become balanced /moisturised and in turn brighter.
I feel like when my skin is fully hydrated it glows, so I had to include this.
Time revolution is one of Missha's top selling products and receives rave reviews.
I found that my first week of use was out of this world and then I saw no difference. I continued using it for  2 more weeks and was really impressed with the results from week 3.
It contains a very high percentage of fermented yeast concentrate (saccharomyces ferment filtrate), which nourishes the skin immediately as in absorbs almost instantaneously. The yeast as well as niacinamide and Vitamin B3  help repair the skin cells barrier and begins improving skin elasticity.
As well as eventing tone. 
This is very pricey but does go a long way.  

Ms_wednesdays_girl_Skincare_Brightening_products_to_get_the glow 2

What can I say about the glow tonic, that hasn't been said?
This is iconic for a reason. 
This gentle AHA acid toner works really, really well for me. 
I tend to alternate between using it daily and every other day on a monthly basis.
This is great for brightening, texture, marks and radiance.
Although effective it is a little pricey at times for what I would consider mid ranged quality skincare.
The packaging for a long time put me off buying regularly as I am not a fan.

I have been using this polish on and off for a few years and really like it!
I do't use this everyday, which is why I think it last so long.
It is very invigorating yet gentle and I see results straight away.
It smells great too, which is an incentive to use it.

This is an great exfoliating mask.
Those have come across TonyMoly within the Korean Skincare arena know this a really affordable performer.
This again contains AHA's and once you start massaging, it balls up and you can actually see that the little balls are a greyish colour.
I did think it was just the product reacting to itself but my skin feels soft and I see more balls in dryer areas.
What I like to do is apply this gently all over my cleansed face as once you rub this, it starts balling up.
Once it is all over my face I leave it as a mask for 5-10mins then I start massaging.
It is very easy to wash off and my skin feels soooo soft and just glows.
One thing I will say is the scent is very bold.
I am not a fan but it isn't offensive just very pungent. 
So if you can't deal with strong floral scents beware!

Ms_wednesdays_girl_Skincare_Brightening_products_to_get_the glow 3

As you can probably tell.
Facetheory is a company I am really enjoying at the moment.
This is one of the 2 cleansers I picked up earlier this year.
Althought the formula isnt my favourite. There is no denying the healthy glow it brings to my skin.
With glycerin, 2% glycolic and 1% salicylic acid, it is an all round moisturising and brightening exfoliating cleanser.
As I have said before my skin feels soft, fresh and looks bright.
Facetheory always have a discount code floating about , so definitely try them out.

A 2015 stand out brand for me was Alba Botanica. 
Their Hawaiian facial range in particular.
I took to the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Mask 85g really well and love how smooth my skin feels.
Pores are less visible and my skin always looks less textured. The best thing is the instant brightness. My skin just glows.
It contains Papaya, which is a well known fruit acid exfoliant. 
It also has healing and skin barrier boosting properties. It does sting occasionally but now I use it after a cream clenser or balm. The stinging has diminished greatly.
I try to use this mask weekly for about 10 minutes as I do chores and the results are excellent.

This is always in my bathroom and as it is always on some sort of price deal.
 I have a pretty good stock pile.
Often compared to he Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, the creamy consistency is very rich and moisturising.
The mix of Kiwi Fruit, Mulberry extracts and Cocoa Butter works well with my skin. 
I can use this as a quick cleanser and know that my makeup/ general grime is being dealt with efficiently.
I also use this as a mask- what don't I use as a mask? lol
Leaving this on for about 10 minutes, doing a quick massage and using a warm cloth to cleanse is bliss!

So those are my current skin brightening products!

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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