Monday, 30 December 2013

Post chrismas revitalisers

The Christmas shenanigans are over and we are navigating the nothing no mans land days that occur after food overload and the new years.

Now it's my time to relax after making my first ever full Christmas dinner. Twas a success * dougies* I have thrown on the onesie and even turned my back on boxing day sales and hung out with my nephew instead!!

Here are a few of my trusty relaxation products....................

Under eye collagen mask.
I found these on eBay. 5 for 99p. I have since seen quite a few bloggers hailing these as their under eye fail safe. They feel like silk and you can see an improvement even if you don't have bags. A definite beauty box keeper. p.s they slide down a fair bit so don't be surprised if you find them traveling south.

 Molten brown. I got this set as a Christmas present and I am VERY pleased. Stick a few vanilla and berry candles around the bath and bobs your uncle. Super relaxing.

 I have absolutely fallen in love with these 3

 My festive Barry M trio. I have rocked these colours since September and received many compliments.I seem to have rediscovered Barry M all over again, right at the bottom of my nail varnish box and I am all about them right now.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and have a happy new year!

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl
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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Lately #1

Hi Loves, 
I have decided to make this into a little thing I do occasionally. I always snap away at random stuff on My phone to share with my friends and I thought I would share some every once in a while here. Not sure if I will explain each one in the future but we will see.

  1. Harrods lights- These lights would literally be the beacon from my office window to say, woot woot work day is nearly over, come to the MAC counter on your way home and spend cash yo!
  2. Scallops and apricots from The Betsy Smith. I absolutely LOVE the decor in that place it is so cute yet modern and out there.
  3. Frugo juices- I am obsessed with that shit right there. Its all natural juices with a few exotic fruits thrown in. Good five a day stuff. FYI Tesco sell their refrigerated ones for 50p and their non refrigerated ones for 40p. HMMMM I know which ones I buy.
  4. Peppermint oil- Love it. I use it as a fragrance and part of my deep hair conditioning system. I do like an apothecary bottle too.
  5. Thermal mens socks. £1 bargain-that is all
  6. Cocktails- You speaky my language.
  7. Taking care of my skin a lot more (yay for clear skin) and protecting/ stretching my tresses using the pineapple method. It works and is funny especially when you answer the door like that, looking all types of cray lol
  8. Giant muffins -with jam inside. I am gutted I don't know where these are from. I think they are muffin doughnuts/ muffnuts? I got them whilst at work and don't remember the bakery company- wahh so good.
  9. Finally a big ass roast dinner. When I roast a chicken I go to TOWN. The most succulent corn fed chicken, roasted potatoes, beautifully glazed parsnips, the best gravy. Its all to much, i need a lie down!

What have you been up to lately other than chrimbo shopping? I have bought 2 presents arrrgghh- really I know. Utter fail lol.

until next time...................

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

What a difference a week makes....December 2013

Hey Dawls,
Its been a while since my last post-I know lol.
I have been so busy lately and I haven't had a moment to stop. But when I did, look what happened. The gorgeous autumn leaves are now that hazardous mulch that tries to kill you on the pavement and the trees  how have that bald, stark prison look. That I will cut you bitch look (I have been binge watching Orange is the new black so yeh). It is strangely beautiful in a cold dismal, this looks better from a window seat and central heating on full blast way.

It is soooo time for me to pull out the mens thermal socks and my comfy old jumper, whilst scoffing pumpkin and squash soup. Mhhhh yummers!  Might even make some hot cocoa in a pan (yeah I gets fancy lol). As lovely as the notion of a winter wonderland sounds, lets hope it doesn't happen! Sorry but no. Fingers and toes crossed for a cold yet snow free winter yay! How are you welcoming in December?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl
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