Thursday, 1 October 2015

Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum review

I have been using the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum  for over 3 months and I LOVE it.
 I have had a few issues with small dry patches in the last few months which I have been sorting out (pretty much there) and I really like the way this glides and sinks into my skin.
 As I layer this under my moisturiser it does an amazing job at being richly hydrating without feeling heavy. 

My friend who has been using this since its launch in 2012, wept when it was discontinued and now stocks up religiously, swears by it and I am converted also.
This going to be a staple in my skincare regimen as it is giving my skin that extra bit of oomph and has great moisture boosting products packed into that 50 ml bottle.
I have spoken to women in their late 30's who love it and women in their early 20's who have jumped on to serums early who adore it. The feedback is the same , this product is an absolute gem!

The fragrance free, light weight creamy gel texture applies really well and sinks in within seconds.
 I use a pump and a half for my face and neck morning and evening and haven't experienced any stickiness.
I apply it, give my self a quick massage and within 15-30 seconds it has sunk in.
Then apply either my moisturiser for the day or a night treatment at night.
I have been using it in conjunction with Indeed Labs hydraluron™ moisture boosting facial serum  which I mentioned in my Summer skincare haul but I used this serum first independently and I am using the Indeed Labs hydraluron™ moisture boosting facial serum as a intensive treatment rather than a staple everyday serum. So once that finishes I will be using the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum solely, when I am not testing out other serums.

I purchased the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum with the purpose of layering under my moisturiser and wouldn't recommend it to be used solely on its own. In my opinion it is more a case that the serum is there to be used underneath a moisturiser which will then lock in the hydration being helped along by the serum.

I am very impressed with the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum and its very low price point. I actually thought it was on offer at £2.69 but have since seen it reduced and will definitely be going back to stock up!

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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