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Natural skincare: MADARA Clarifying Toner Review*

Ms-wednesdays-girl-MADARA -Clarifying- Toner -Review

As you know I have been dabbling with natural skincare brands,
see my finding natural and organic skincare brands haul and have really enjoyed discovering effective new products.
I have had my eye on the Madara Clarify Toner* for a while and couldn't wait test it out.

Madara is a Latvian natural cosmetics brand using the forests and certified organic farms in the Baltic area to create unique formulas. 
They are organic, vegan, nut free, gluten free and ECOCERT certified.

The first thing I noticed apart from the lovely packaging was the scent.
It smells like an autumnal cocktail. Somewhere between sweet elderflower and spicy figs.
 I really like the fact this toner leaves my face matte as opposed to dry and there is a marked difference
in the two feelings!
My skin feels refreshed, smooth and supple and most importantly moisturised.
As I have combination skin it is great to find, a non abrasive exfoliant toner that balances
the skin and gives me an even surface to apply my serum to.

The Madara Clarifying Toner* is made up of a few natural ingredients such as Northern oak bark, Rose water and sweet flag which have been formulated to clarify, minimise pores and exfoliate the skin.
I was a little apprehensive about it having a naturally derived alcohol on my face but it hasn't been stripping at all and I have not had any stinging which is great.
In fact it is very gentle and soothing.

I have been using the toner for just over 4 weeks and think it a really nice toner for normal/ combination skin.
The main areas it has targeted for me is clarifying and pores.
 My blemishes were reduced and my overall skin looks clearer and a little more glowy.
Along with using my Alba Botanica products which I reviewed.  I have seen further improvement
to the small area of visible pores.
They are constantly tight and hydrated which helps to minimise their visibility.
They are definitely a great combination.

I experienced really good results on how my skin looked overall.
I still have the occasional blemish but I love the results.
Autumn onwards can be very harsh on the skin and some toners are very stripping,
 however the clarifying ingredients in this really help to balance the skin.
I have really enjoyed using this toner and can't wait to see further results.
I would definitely buy this in future, as it is so mild and nourishing.

*Lucyrose kindly sent me this product to review. However all views expressed are my own.
 Please see the  Ms. Wednesdays Girl disclaimer in full here.

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  1. The scent of this sounds incredible, so perfect for autumn! It sounds really good for clearing and moisturising skin as well :) xx

    1. It really does smell great and is incredibly autumnal. I have really noticed a glow.

      Thanks for stopping by Georgia Hope!


  2. I love products from Madara! I have testes some of their tinted fluids and they were amazing. All products smell really good.


    1. Hey Anita,

      I haven't tried the tinting fluids but I do
      have my eye on their deep moisture fluid.

      I am glad to know everything smells so good!

      Thanks for stopping by.