Monday, 30 April 2012

Pay day spring /summer fashion mood board

What better way to treat yourself  for being fierce, fabu and bossy? This is pretty much what I am feeling this month. I have already bought a few as my staples for the next couple of months. I am a little too happy that all of these are affordable and are very wearable bits and bobs.
I really love accessories and statement peices that can transform an outfit and are transferable from day tonight etc. They are also good if you are on a budget as nothing on here is above £50 and some are on sale!
I have a thing where I mix and match my clothes all year round so I will rock all my stuff together. It might be laziness but that's how I do and it also means I have a bigger style collection to work with.
  The colours, textures and patterns really speak to me plus it screams a big fuck you to the rubbish weather we are having in London (apart from today randomly).

Top tip: set yourself a budget for your season must haves, after statement buys purchase accessories. Unless your a student then spend, spend, spend and then eat miso soup for a month lol

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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