Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Leon the (culinary) professional: a quick review

Hi yall,

I have been trying to take fresh, homemade meals to work recently. 
A. Because it is healthier 
B. Because its cheaper but mainly because the weather outside has been crazy stooopid and I for one feel no need to be attacked by rain or break another umbrella -_-.

Leon the professional
mmmmhhh lunchies

 We have offices in Victoria which is my old stomping ground and when situated there. I am usually a sucker for all things Wasabi *drools* if i am buying lunch. However recently I have been making the pilgrimage across the road to Leon.
It is fresh, well made and very tasty but enough about the adorable guy serving at the counter lol.
I am all over the the chargrilled chicken super food salad and the Leon baked fries with lemon, lime and ginger juice.
 Their chargrilled chicken burger isn't bad either.

Wheres your favourite lunch spot? 

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Cardiff....until next time

Hey dawls, its been a while
I know. Technical difficulties were being had. 

So it was my Birthday on the 10th and I decided once again to commandeer more days and make a long weekend of it.

As per usual I was last minute and decided to go up to the valeeeeyyys aka Cardiff for a day trip like a week before with my bestfriend. ;-)

I have been to Cardiff before and a great time and this was no different. We had a fun despite the rain and being slight windswept (nothing compared to the storm that followed our departure!). We decided sustenance was definitely  needed for the day ahead and stopped off at The Meating Place, which has the BEST Parmesan chips ever! Seriously recommend trying them but take cash. If you ever go there you will understand lol.

After lunch we hit up St David's shopping centre, Wharton street, Queens street and the Arcades.
 In hindsight we could have made a weekend of it and partied the night away and maybe explored some more but my weekend wasn't over. Ohhh no! 
On Sunday I had a lovely dinner with friends at GOGI a lovely Korean bar and grill joint and on the big day I went to a spa for some much needed relaxation and pampering.

I couldn't leave Cardiff without getting my shop on so here are a few things

I have been looking for a new bag for ages, see here and really couldn't find anything that grabbed me. This season has a lot of thin handled or undersized bags and that is not practical for my everyday use. I had my eye on both of these bags and basically succumbed to both. The grey has a lovely texture and a subtle on trend trapeze shape but is practical yet edgy with the silver mini studded panels. I really love this black bag. it is structured and lady but big enough to carry all my work stuff in. It also gets bigger when unclipped, it  isn't shiny and  has a nice sheen but is still a textured matt. 

Grey bag (alternative) here
Black bag here

  I picked up this oversized jersey with floral detailing in H & M. I love the grannyish floral aspect and it is a odd off black that looks nay but isn't. It had an exposed zipper at the back and is a cool casual piece to jam or run errands in.

Sweatshirt here (mine was alot less as it was on sale so check in stores first)

 I also picked up this cool sheer black kimono, which I love love love. I should have tried it on in store as it is a lil big but meh just adds to the whimsical is really versatile and can take you from the beach to a night out.

Not currently available on there website in the cardi section so check in stores

  I have a strange relationship with River island and the price versus quality but I am so glad we stopped by as bargains were a plenty! I  picked up his beautiful t- shirt and just look at it. I want to frame it is so purdy. I love the black and white "silk" print as it lends an air of  sophistication o any outfit. Unfortunately I cant find it anywhere online

I also stopped by my old lovers place....MAC and picked up 3 beautiful lippies. I was  having an issue with lighting so went down an "artistic" photography route lol.

The shades can be found here.

Diva - matt
Cyber - satin
 Film noir - satin

  Finally we stopped of at Topshop and I picked 2 matt finish nail varnished. In denim and Mystic. I pretty I am pretty disappointed in Mystic and am super happy I used a gift card my old work colleagues gave me. Granted it doesn't have a lustrous finish as most varnishes aim for but it certainly isn't matt. If anything it seems to get shiner after 2 coats or a top up. It also drys darker which I actually liked but I found myself being more drawn to the frosted bottle rather than the varnish.

All in all a wonderful birthday was had and I will definitely be going back to Cardiff!

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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