Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Day outfit ideas 2014

Hi Guys,
I thought I would come by with one last post before Christmas and give you all some outfit ideas for the big ol' turkey day. We never have a dress code in my house so our outfit choices vary from year year. Regardless of how you are sending your day the options above have you covered. 

Lets get to it----->

The show stopper- old school glamour

Christmas bloom- casual cocktails

It's all about the boots- chilled times

eBay graphic Happy Birthday Jesus jumper (although evidence does show march is more likely)
ASOS All that jazz glitter ankle boots (sold out) Alternative here

Totally dotty....I woke up like this

Have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas party season prep

The Christmas party season is now upon us and for those who want a few simple, quick and easy pampering treatments to see you through the whirlwind of dnners, bars, drinks, house parties and the infamous office party look no further!

To keep the drying effects of drinking and general wear & tear at bay reach for The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask and AMAZING Brazened Honey from Lush.
The warming mineral mask is a lovely deep cleaning  clay mask that absorbs oil yet keeps the skin supple and moisturised. Coupled with the invigorating fresh ingredients in Brazened Honey you have a winning combination. Ginger, lime and fennel will add zing to your skin and as Honey is a humectant it will give the face a big moisture boost. All this equals plump and youthful skin.

I picked up I Sao Paulo over there (cheapest price found online) and Ciate Beach Hut (cheapest priced item online) in TK Maxx   for £3.99 each and have been alternating between them ever since. Neither are traditional winter nail polish colours but I absolutely adore them. The depth in I sao Paulo over there makes it a very sophisticated tone and think the reflective quality of Beach hut makes it very festive. 

Last but not least is the wonder product that is Lucas' Papaw Ointment. I have used this for years and recently started using it consistently this year. I use this for my lips but it can be used for absolutely anything and works so well. I even like the fomented papaw scent 0.o- I know.
This is an absolute must for me especially when using lipstick. With so many textured finishes, reapplying and wiping lipsticks off my lips are going to take a battering this season before thinking about how drying the English winter can be in general.

What are your Christmas party prep items?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

MUA Nail Polish haul

L-R  Leapfrog, Sweet peach, Red rose £1 each

I stopped by  Superdrug a few weeks back and picked up these beautiful nail varnishes by MUA. I really like their stuff and I find that most colours have very good staying power. They are a really good way of experimenting without breaking the bank.
Although 2 aren't particularly wintry, I find that at least 60% of the time I reach for brighter colours in 
A/W to lift my mood and paint my toes.
At £1 each I couldn't of got a better bargain and you can never have enough red nail varnishes especially in the run up to Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas these make really lovely stocking fillers and with so many pretty shades in cute packaging to choose  from you can't go wrong.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Monday, 1 December 2014

The reinvention: Seared tuna steak & sweetcorn quinoa

I am pinchin, I am punchin, I am first of the monthin..... wooh lol

Hey guys, I am really in a foodie phase right now.
Can you tell?

It is cold outside and I just wanted something hearty and healthy to keep me warm and vitally something that doesn't take ages to throw together.

Isn't she lovely? Yes I have dubbed my dish a she coz she fine!

I have been obsessing over Tuna steak and Quinoa for the last few months and this combo has been really good to me.

This is super simple but looks and tastes very impressive.
The colours are vibrant and refreshing against the slate gray December skies and you can almost pretend your sitting somewhere hot.

Tuna seasoned with a dry rub:
Dried chives
Garlic and herb salt
chili flakes
30 mins I didn't marinate the tuna steak as long as I usually would.

Approx 190grams serves 2
Boil until fluffy season with dried herbs and seasoning to taste
Dice 1 large red bell pepper
Finely dice 2 rashers of bacon
Finely chop one large leek and fry in a small amount bacon fat
Boil sweetcorn separately and mix all together
Add poppy seeds

I wasn't a big fan of Quinoa when I was younger but now I am loving  that nutty flavour so much.
Quinoa is so nutritious and tasty a definite must try ummmm hmmm.

And now if you will excuse me, I shall now face plant and chow down lol!

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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