Friday, 30 March 2012

Stuck on replay

I really can't get this song outta my head. I heard it last year and has been stuck with me ever since. I am absolutely loving the beat as well.
Azealia Banks formerly known as miss bank$ 4 the old school folks reminds me of those round the way girls that everybody on the estate knows. Not sure how you know her but you do. She is kinda like that chick you would pass on your way to school at stupid o'clock and See on your way home too. Straight hood but nice.
P.S I freaking love her Mickey Mouse jumper.


Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Miz Outlet haul

So I heard about this Chinese - American online company called Miz Outlet that sell cheap and quality products, ranging from hair accessories, makeup and jewellery. I checked out a few vlogs and saw some good feedback especially from Lizlizlive from London so I thought I would try them out. Love a bargain me lol

This was my first order placed and I have to say they were very quick. I received my order in less than a week and many of the pieces look even better in real life!  All the products below are less than $2 each.

Above- DEW $1. Below- BOA $1

Left -ANA.    Right- CHI $1.49

Wooden peace earrings, Above- Ana. Below- FOX
Above BOA $1.49  - .Below- Ana  £1.49

Having gone back to the site I have seen so many more pairs that I want. there really is something for everyone on there. There are also a few items that I personally find tacky but as with every place there will be things not to your taste. So will love everything or be like me and pick through. It is a case of in a few months or years I will literally look at these item and hate them.

Left L.A Colours baked eyeshadow in titan
 Right  Klean  colour backed blush/bronzer, Royal touch

 I have heard alot about L.A colours from friends in America where there is a wider range, so I decided to try theirs out. I have many of their nail varnishes so I expected great quality and wasn't disappointed. I love the baked palette it was very rich. However I haven't applied it for a  proper trial run so I am not sure of the intensity and staying power yet. I personally would use he Klean colour blush/bronzer as a highlighter as in real life it appears to have pinkish tones which may make deeper skin tones appear ashy.

Right ring DEW $1.49 -  Left ring BOA both extendable $1.49

 I have chubby fingers, like proper weird hands! Its a curse really. Finding rings that fit can be a bit hit and miss they are either small or freakishly big. So finding nice rings that are adjustable is always a bonus and these are just beauts. I love statement rings and the reddish coral will look gorgeous in the sun.

The product turnover  rate is pretty high so you have to get in there quickly to avoid disappointment. I paid $11 for postage which is approximately £5 which is pretty good. The items come well packed and are cushioned appropriately for international travel.

I am totally loving Miz Outlet and will definitely be going back for more accessorise and maybe a few make items at those prices I can afford to go wild! Check them out for yourselves guys.


Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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Friday, 23 March 2012

March fashion lust list

Sigh I really want to get my shop on. I often shop when I am a little bored. Problem is I am broke. Not super broke but broke enough to know that I can't buy everything that I want. I am not at uni anymore (haven't been for a long time) and it is no longer a toss up between buying those sexy expensive shoes and eating noodles and miso soup for a week to balance it out. I am growing up in my own special way.

I have always been an online shopping girl. The sales, the price drops, the variety of shopping experiences and the plethora of stock. I swoooooon! As spring is officially here I have decided that my closet deserves a small spring spruce up.

Anyway these are the reasonably priced things I need in my life. I have narrowed them down to the absolute must think about for a week and see  if I really want them.

Via ebay

 I want this sheer batwing shirt  in every colour known to man, well 3. It is so versatile and gorgeous. Sheer has been everywhere over the last few seasons but I have been rocking sheer blouses from day so this is a no brainer for me. Thinking of getting one as a try out and maybe add a leather pocket or cuffs. Chinese girls make everything look good.  It's a whole different style game.

via ASOS

  ASOS Wide Brim Fedora Hat with Feather Trim. I love this hat I always look out for wintry jewel colours all year round. I think this is a perfect hat for those bad hair days, when you still want to look fierce. This will also be a good contrast for this seasons pastel colours. unfortunately ASOS has been disappointing me of late. Evey few years they go through a slump, 2011 I witnessed it.

Via Asos

ASOS Faux Fur Lapel Collar. I am always on the look out for accessories to update my coats. This is perfect. Might be a little hot and wintry but fashion isn't always comfortable. The colour is so rich too. It is bossy and I like it.

Via Zara

I absolutely love this over sized Shopper basket from Zara. It is the perfect size and colour. Sadly it isn't leather but still beauts. I have been ogling this bag for over a month now trying to decide whether I really need it or not and I kind of do. By the time I am an old lady, I am sure my generation will be lopsided our bags are so massive lol.

Via Topshop

Topshop Love colour block suede sandal. well I don't mind if I do! Hello there pretty shoes. I do love a block heel and this one just covers all trends, pastel, suede, open toe, jewel tones, block and a platform. I die, that is all.

Via Boy London

I am loving BOY London atm. I saw their super hot launch at Selfridges and everybody just looked so edgy and camdenish. BOY has been around for ages, since the mid 70's I think and I have seen it resurface over and over again. BOY has reemerged once again after several celebs such as Rhianna, Natalia kills and Jessie J have been seen wearing their pieces. I love the rude boy 80's feel of it. Chic yet vulgar just like a rope chain.

Via Forever21

Forever 21 Ancient Warrior Disc Earrings  .Cheap and cheerful yay!  I want these in silver as well. Forever 21 never disappoint their stuff maybe cheap but it is good quality. Jewellery is always an easy way to give any outfit so pizzaz. The engraving just gives another dimension to work with.I am literally about to blitz their jewellery section and hand over my money to F21.

Via Forever21

Finally last but not least Forever 21 Embellished Collar Necklace . This necklace is so tribal and African inspired, Love it. Want it. Need it .MINE! I have seen a few collars from F21 that shall be mine. I am always on the look out for individual and inspired jewellery that will lift and transform an outfit.  I am already thinking about customisation in case the old bosoms are too big.  Loving F21's Navajo inspired section, the EU online shop is better .This is a statement piece for 2012 for me.

That's my mental shopping monster satiated for a while. Now to find a place to put this stuff before I buy it all .


Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bad robots: A series of unfortunate events!

Via pinterest

I seem to be having a very peculiar lemony snickets moment here!  I don’t even know where to begin. Well the beginning is as good a place as any I suppose. I appear to be having a machinery melt down in my house and I am feeling the pressure. Literally starting to lose my mind here. 
I am going to make this as concise as possible:

Tuesday- My internet totally packed in. Thus leaving me unable to connect with the outside world, with the exception of my Blackberry. Not too worried my bro can sort it out, twas what he was made for lol.

Wednesday – My whole laptop had packed ui and was acting funny. I did loads of virus checks and nothing was coming up but I knew there was a sneaky virus just chilling out there. So knowing that my laptop was gonna be rebooted and wiped I saved all my documents. I later remembered that I hadn’t saved my favourites but it was too late. I can live without them its cool. I also forget to save my blackberry back files, again not worried. *wails*

Thursdays- As if life couldn’t get any dumber at this point, my blackberry decided that it wanted to freeze. Although super annoying I have come to expect no less from dumbberry. I did what I always did, battery reboot and waited to continue my whatsapp conversation. ONLY THIS DID NOT GO ACCORDING TO PLAN! Oh no my phone had decided that technology hadn’t kicked me in the teeth enough and went for the software reload: 507 on a white screen option.

I had never seen this message before in my life, so I was thinking reboot again and commence with my day. My phone on the other hand had other ideas. After trying to reboot about 6 times I knew I had a major problem on my hands. What with my Internet and phone down it was time to dig out an old phone and call a friend.  
A nuked blackberry, fucked up Internet and a wiped laptop. Just what I needed right?  Life is sooo awesome right now -_-. 

Anyway I had managed to get hold of a friend but he couldn’t find anything that was current on my situation. Calls himself a techie. He then went off on into a blackberry is shit rant those smug people with androids have memorised- not in the mood dude.

After 5 hours I finally found relevant information but none of it seemed to be working and I now had another message showing up to add insult to injury. Yep I was the lucky winner of software reload: 561. By that time I was losing the plot slightly but I had found out that the messages meant that my phone thought that the operating systems on the phone were not there. How? why? I still don’t know. All of the reasons given didn’t match what had happened to me so I am flummoxed by this stage and somewhat enraged. Still no joy.

Friday- By this point I was truly stressed out. In the scheme of things this is not a really big deal. But actually it is. My WHOLE Life is on that phone. Things I need to function whilst out and about on a daily basis. After another few hours and I finally managed to find a way of reinstalling my OS, with baited breath and fingers crossed. Everything seems to be working and I was back on track. Only I wasn’t back on track. My phone had been WIPED completely (I have no back up). My migraine had returned with full force. Then the blow that tipped me over the edge came. Small but so significant, my trackball had given up the ghost! I can’t navigate my phone.  How random! One flipping obstacle after another. I am totally ignoring my BB at the moment until a new trackball arrives as I may just break it and scatter the pieces to the four winds. 

via pinterest

The fact that Blackberry is highly addictive is very problematic when your phone is broken. I no longer have access to my email, social media, music etc with the push of a button and it is pissing me off big time as well as isolating me. Practically having withdrawal symptoms because of crackberry.

Blackberry and I are near enough through. I am extremely bored of the little problems that I and many others have had over the years. I have always liked my BB, more the design of my Bold than any thing else but this is too much. Unfortunately I a new phone is out of the question at the moment but blackberry is a distant memory.

I am thinking a HTC or Samsung for my next phone as I will never waste my money or time on Blackberry again. To put it simply Blackberry ain’t about shit.

Blackberry claim to be research in motion but I have seen no improvements to my service or phone in a long time. They seem to be resting on their laurels and standing still. I am simply going through the motions.

Going to sit in a dark room and learn how to use my old phone again until the crackberry shakes go away.

Enjoy your weekend.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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Friday, 9 March 2012

KONY2012 and beyond

"Where you live should not decide ,whether you live or whether you die" - U2

Be it Twitter, word of mouth, facebook or the news I am sure you have all seen the video for the KONY2012 Campaign that went viral. Kony has been committing crimes against central and north Africans for over 20 years. 
Whilst decimating regions of Uganda, Congo and the Sudan, Kony seems to have reached almost mythical heights of power and leaving a trail of destruction behind him.

At present it is said that more than 60,000 children have been abducted for his child armies. 
Many have been forced into prostitution, gang rape, murder and many other atrocities. These kids are brainwashed into killing their own families and others or face death themselves.

As with any other criminal or terrorist Joseph Kony needs to be caught so he can be tried and held accountable for his crimes. 
Not only does Joseph Kony need to be caught but the remaining children and adults who have been brainwashed by this regime will need long term help. 
Eradicating Kony's reign of terror will not end when he is caught, a system of care needs to be in place to deal with the issues these people will have and face when re-entering society. 
We also need to shut down the weapons supply chain ( here is looking at western leaders) and ensure that another leader will not be installed.

I will be the first to say that I am not a huge fan of military occupation in other countries, especially when our own country needs to be sorted out. 
The fact of the matter is something needs to be done immediately. No life is worth the destruction that has been caused and will without a doubt be caused with foreign military occupation. 
The central African community and their governments should not be marginalised, as is often the case.
 They should be integral to any ideas and strategies the western military will put in place. The the age old idea that Africa needs a white  knight in shining armour to save them is once again perpetuated.

The situation in Uganda is SO much bigger than Joseph Kony and we must all remember that there are many others like him.  We often see things without really seeing at all. This not a new war nor is this a new story but how do we make it the last one?

The idea that slacktivism can be used as political or community leverage, for the viral market is a little scary as many will exploit this. However in this day and age this is how things are done. You want an idea out there make it viral and it will take off.  This is not to say that we should merely lap up the information given to us and take it as truth.
I don't have all the answers but I would always suggest researching before jumping on the band wagon.

I really didn't want to write an essay but I have. I simply wanted to say that it is important that we act and not turn our backs because we have our own problems. 
Will we always do the right thing or step up each time? No but we must do what we can.
 Whether it is giving money to a homeless person, helping someone out or taking a stand against Kony and pledging . What does it cost you? Nothing.

Many people have attempted to throw shade on this campaign, calling it fake and stupid but none seem to be offering another solution.
 I mean frankly, it is all well and good being a cyber warrior fom the comfort of your bedroom but what the fuck have you done lately? 
As with many I take nothing in this world at face value. 
Sure the film is very glossy and plays on the emotions, read it as you will bottom line something has to be done. 
I really hope KONY2012 is a real campaign for justice because  scam or not Joseph Kony and the LRA is very real! 
Even if the KONY2012 campaign does not appeal to you, there are many grass root operations and charities happening in regards to this and other atrocities around the world.

Somebody once told me you either care or you don't. What will be, will be but you have the ability to change what could have been.

Anyway that’s my thoughts folks.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Viva Vivo! - Tesco make up review

Mini Vivo haul
 Launched exclusively at Tesco in September 2011, Vivo is a very new cosmetics brand which has already gathered a cult following. Vivo certainly live up to their tag line "Alive with colour".

Ladies and a few gentlemen , if you are not already acquainted let me introduce you to Vivo Cosmetics.

Right to left: Pearlised Mink shade 6 and  Expresso shade 11.
£1.50 each
 Well it has definitely been a while since Tesco has done something to really thrill me. Not since tasting their deep dish chocolate pie have I swooned with such abandon.

Whilst in Tesco I happened to wonder into the cosmetics department and one section just seemed to be beckoning me closer. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that everything ranged from between £1.50 - £6 and boy do they have a lot of stuff! Of course my mind immediately leapt to ahhh nasty drug store make up, (we all remember that random gloop in shops as kids) why the hell would tesco make make up?! I now know and I LOVE it

Curiosity got the better of me and I reached out to test a few eyeshadows, which to my amazement looked great and were really pigmented.  The matte colours were not chalky or flaky and the pearlised ones had a lovely shimmer but not enough to make you look like a Essex Christmas tree and I don't even like shimmer!. Blendable tones? Tick. Smooth texture? Hells yeah. By jove I must have these- straight into the shopping trolley they went. I then moved on to lipsticks and snapped up 2 of those as well.

Pearlised Pale gold shade 14  and matte Rich chocolate shade 4
£1.50 each

Just as my eyes  alighted on their baked blushes and bronzers and found them not wanting. I thought it best to try out what I had and go back if they worked out well.  I had enough for research. At these prices I can definitely say I am going back.

As many know I am a MAC girl through and through. Their products are used as a base for everything else. Vivo complements my MAC products well. Although it has been benchmarked as the "MAC of super market make up brand" I wouldn't compare the two brands. Vivo holds up well to a select few of the drugstore brands I use. In times of economic crisis we all have to cut back and tighten our boot straps. Having to cut back is by no means an invitation to scrimp on quality or sacrifice luscious pigmented quality for generic swill. I didn't head towards the foundations as I am well aware they won't have my shade so didn't even bother.

Sugar plum trio eyeshadow £2.50, Barely there shade 8 lipstick,
Very berry shade 6 lipstick £1.99 each .

Vivo passes the test on some levels but not all. As a woman of colour it is extremely important that if I decided to wear makeup it is of high quality so I don't go out looking like a ashy faced, caked up clown- bo bo the clown is not in residence here! 

As with many brands they have a way to go before they can fully cater to our needs, pigments and various skin tones. In regards to the products I have used they are great and for the price it is a steal.

I would absolutely recommend Vivo to anyone. One down side is that it is not available in all Tescos, so if you don't have a big store near you your in for a hunt.

 I will definitely be doing another review when I have more items in my repertoire. For More information check out  the Miss Vivo Blog for updates and product information. They will soon have their own online shop for international folks and those who can find the brand in store.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Lent: Help yourself to a "guilt" free chocolate indulgence with The Body shops Chocomania range.

Via pinterest

Ash Wednesday signifies for many religious and loosely religious people the beginning of lent. Which means that 40 days of fasting is about to begin. In modern times people are less strict with there level of fasting and now give up a favourite food in order to observe lent.

This is usually chocolate. For many chocolate is a daily indulgence which is incredibly hard to abstain from. I do not practice fasting myself simply because I am not personally fond of self deprivation in any form. My experience comes from watching friends over the years. I have watched people turn into chocolate fiends and act crazy as they gorge on chocolate to sustain them through the drought period. Not a pretty sight I can assure you! With just over a few gone and several more to go some are already acting like frenzied jackals – not cute.

Having watched my friend a few days ago wildly eyeing up my double chocolate brownie. I came to the conclusion that for many, the struggle to stay away from the item they have given up sometimes eclipses the reason that they are actually do it. So folks I have an easy solution that will help all of you choccie lovers out there fend off the cocoa siren call.

You may not be able to eat chocolate BUT nobody said you can't smell like it!

Simply head on down to your local Body Shop then run home and pour yourself a bath.

The Body Shop provides a range of new products called Chocomania, which will sustain any chocolate lover!

Their shower crème is ridiculously chocolaty and the added cocoa butter will ensure your skin is baby soft for hours. For that extra oomph you can get a Chocomania body butter and body scrub as well. Why not treat yourself to a Chocomania gift set and make a home spa day of it?


If you like experimenting and you’re feeling slightly alternative, why not mix some of the body shops other shower gels to create a signature sent. I am absolutely loving Satsuma at the moment, which when mixed with chocomania makes me smell like a terry’s chocolate orange. Definitely a plus in my book and everyone has been asking what I am wearing lately.

All items linked range from between £4 and £12. Bigger sizes are available. They can be bought online or in-store and are well worth the money. These products are sold internationally.

Try it out and let me know if it works for you.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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