Sunday, 18 August 2013

The #DarkSkinRedLip Project

I absolutely love this project. As soon as I heard about it i entered right away. 
Karyn Washington the creator of for brown girls , set up a site called
 The #DarkSkinRedLip Project. This was set up to dispel the ignorant and unfounded idea of dark skinned women not being able to wear bright lipstick and reduce any stigma attached with it. Put simply this website is being used to upload pictures of dark skinned beauties rocking a seriously banging red lip.

Luckily for me my mother didn’t push any of that nonsense on to me and I grew up with the philosophy that I could wear what I wanted as long as it suited me. I have however been told once by a guy that I was pretty for a dark skin girl! I quickly and some what viciously annihilated that fool and stamped all over his mental enslavement. I do not play that shit nor do I have time for it. Safe to say he never uttered such nonsense again lol

 Here is my entry,like, tweet, share or join in. Do what you do and get the word out there!
As many of you know A$AP Rocky took it upon himself to make a few off the cuff comments about dark girls wearing certain shades of lipstick etc. I absolutely believe this project is a perfect response to him and his use of colourism. For me it goes something like “whatever A$AP. You are entitled to your misguided views BUT they aren't my fuckin problem <--- geddit geddit. *puts on Ruby woo and tosses hair*

If you would like to join in, email Kayrn at attaching your picture, name, location and lipstick brand.

  "Breaking Barriers and Building Confidence!" is the tag-line of ForBrownGirls’ latest ongoing online campaign that invites women with darker skin complexions to submit and showcase a photo of them rocking a red lip . Since April, the organization has been promoting this project through social media and word of mouth to help put an end to the notion that women of a darker hue don’t look attractive wearing bright colors, in particular, red lipstick. Along with abolishing that stigma, the project will serve as inspiration to any girl or woman who have given into this stereotype and shied away from wearing a red lip. In viewing such images, a darker skinned girl who is hesitant to try a red lip will find the confidence to step out of her comfort zone, disregarding the opinion of anyone else. The project has received much support and we look forward to reaching our goal of having 1,000+ women participate.
- FBG & The DSRL Project.

L-R MAC ruby woo, Sleek vamp, FashionistA double take and MAC diva
Why not try a few of my favourite shades to get you started.

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