Sunday, 3 November 2013

Baby you should try some new thangs..... French plait braid out

Hey dawls,
So I did a really cute French braid hairstyle for work and it got good reviews so I am gonna share it.
I washed my hair really late at night and couldn't be bovved to blow dry it so I conditioned, moisturised and did two French braids thinking I would get a bit of stretch then put it in a bun for work.
I woke up however and was feeling the sleekness so off I went to work.

I haven't done French braids in ages as I am terrible at doing cornrows on myself so I was rather pleased with the outcome. Practice makes perfect I guess.
Morning bus selfies lol

This is the braid out, I redid my plaits after seeing the definition on the first day and here is the outcome. I didn't blowdry it so there is some shrinkage but I am loving it.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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