Saturday, 18 January 2014

An unexpected friend: Fisherman's friend sample*

Yay it's Saturday! 
*sighs deeply*. Guys I have the office cold bleuuurgggh.
It's a weird one too as I am in that grey non entity field of having half symptoms. It's almost as if as if my cold isn't committing to the cause *side eye*. My throat is partially sore but just at the top. My nose is bunged up yet my face doesn't hurt. I actually feel strangely energetic but go through a mid morning lethargic phase. unfortunately people hot desk at work (not me lol I don't play that homie)  and this sorry saga all started when a woman from another department brought her sars to my floor and started  hacking her guts up. Within 12 hours I was sniffly. At 4am in the morning my nose literally blocked up and rebuked air with the same ferocity a Pentecostal rebukes demons!
My throat got worse as I was breathing through my mouth and couldn't sleep for more than 15min because my body tried enthusiastically to kill me, with limited air supply. Safe to say I have been walking around the office for the last few days rubbing surfaces with antibacterial gel.

Free Fisherman's Friend
   Luckily I managed to sit through my meetings without spewing snot at my managers face ( pause for visual). My day ended with a lovely double paper cut. Fun times eh?

All was not lost as when I got home, I found a lovely lil package waiting for me. Last December Fisherman's Friend were spending out free packs to carol singers to help keep their voices in good condition and I emailed in for a freebie *ahem I sing in my room so it counts ok?!*.
I totally forgot about it as I  was sure they would be inundated with requests but lo and behold. I got a pack and just in the nick of time too.

I was sent the blackberry flavour which works surprisingly well with the strong aniseed flavour and it is just what I needed. I have always liked Fisherman's friends and am particularly fond of the original as my mum used to buy them for me back in the day :-D
My love has been ignited again and I am even considering sending off for a free tin lol.

So thank you Fisherman's friend I really needed it! Such a small thing made me feel better.
Anyone else experienced their first cold of the year and wondering why they spent the last few months guzzling Echinacea and vitamins to no end ?

Until next time...................

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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*This was a free sample

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