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Bare Reality - undertanding the story of 100 women and their breasts

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I saw an article about a project on Kickstarter called Bare Reality and thought it was such an interesting project. Created by Laura Dodsworth bare reality chronicles women's relationship and thoughts on their breast from their own prospective. Dodsworth has photographed 100 women aged between 19 and 101 years old, sized AAA to K hailing from various walks of life without airbrushing or tweaking we are seeing these womens breasts as they are.

I thought this was so interesting as we don't often get to see what breasts in their natural state look like ( by that i mean to be hangin free augmented or not). I found the images to be a unflinching and honest depiction of what many womens breasts actually look like. We have the medias idea of what the female form should look like and if you don't look like that you are left with the question- What is wrong with me?

The answer of course being nothing. We all look different. Luckily for me I am from a female dominated household and went to a girls school so the notion of a variety of shapes and sizes is not new to me but so many who are not aware that breasts come in different lengths, shapes and sizes will find this comforting, confidence enhancing and eye opening. There has always been mild hysteria in my opinion concerning breasts as they represent so many things to so many people both positive and negative-  womanhood, motherhood, sexuality, femininity, attention, change, becoming a woman, health, aches pains and so much more.
They are indeed complex beings and I think this project will go a long way in allowing women to have an open discussion about our own bodies.

Once completed this project will also will donate £1.00 from every book sold to Breast Cancer UK. If you haven't heard about Bare Reality I urge to to have a look at her gallery where 5 stories from the book will be released, watch the video and see what you think. 

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