Monday, 25 June 2012

Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana drinks are freeeeeeeee lol. Once again we have been having some off key weather with epic sunshine and mad torrential rain rolled into one. On the one day last week that sunshine prevailed, I found myself in the park with my peeps chilling with some frozen sangria, strongbow ice cubes and a massive boom box bussin some rave tunes ( wooh wooh), slow jams and Ed Sheeran. Shout out to the Italian guy next to us who was blaring vintage clubland tuneage. 

Looking around it seems like 80% of the women in the park were rocking the floral tropical trend and with aplomb I might add. There was the odd travesty but hey this is London!

These are some of my fav choices for this trend that aren't over the top and can be used as great statement pieces. What are your favourite tropical pieces and how are you rocking them?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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