Thursday, 28 June 2012

Who's been watching?

I have been watching some wicked shows as of late, Eastenders and Hollyoaks just wasn't cutting it anymore lmao (English joke). What with Revenge, 2 broke girls and not trusting the bitches in apartment 23 my water shed hours have been pretty busy. These are what I have been watching ---->


Game of thrones has been that show once again. I absolutely LOVE the books (Mr Martin hurry up with the next one pleaaaaase) and season 2 didn't disappoint! I am that weird person who points out all the continuity errors to friends and family so you know I was like errr wha? When they switched events between books (no spoiler alerts from me). Weirdly I also noticed a few of the spiked heads were George Bush lol. I await season 3 with baited breath. Team Arya Stark woot woot!!!

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I really like this series. I got a bit obsessed trying to catch up. It’s good to see Buffy the vampire killer in a good role with a bit of meat to it. I am really hoping that they continue to make the show and I have heard rumours that there will be a series 2. Fingers crossed. The Siobhan and Bridget twin story line is dragging a bit but everyone is so fucked up on this show I am sure they have enough material for a few more seasons.


I rather like this it is very true to many people’s lives and struggles and has been hailed as the second and better coming of the sex and the city pre years. I am sure every person knows a person or has gone through one of the girls situations. It is true reality based on reality. The show focuses around the lives of four friends in their early 20's trying to find themselves, survive and keep each other afloat. Starving writer Hannah who is a slight slore with low self esteem but a great passion for writing, up tight Marnie who hates her perfect but dry as toast boyfriend who is so together she is falling apart, Free spirited Jessa who just flits from one drama to another and innocent student Shoshanna who is a bit cray cray. It is drawing me in with it funny real to life stuff. A definite watch!

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I am liking this show. It portrays politics as you imagine it is behind the shiny veneer. Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope well and isn't one of those stereotypical characters. There is grit to each person. I have really picked up the pace and in the world that has been created every random event is believable and totally possible.  Oh also WHO IS QUINN? I am thinking witness protection or some kind of killer, I need answers! Does anybody else want to work for a secret organisation and be a gladiator in a suit? I do

OK that's me so far guys. What shows are you guys loving at the moment? Let me know, clue a girl in.

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