Monday, 9 July 2012

Mixtape Mondays #1

Chilling on the train trying not to pass out from the noxious fumes emanating from the great unwashed ,usually means some hype hype music is needed to keep me going long enough for the second cup of coffee but today I am having a chilled one for sure. I even let the nosey man finish reading to the end of my newspaper with me lol.

Ben Howard has such a weird raspy warble in his voice. The wolves is a definite tune. My friend bought me his album after we saw him live somewhere last year (no clue where) and I am loving the folksiness of it. It’s nice to hear an actual instrument instead of the usual auto tune, makes me wanna pick up my violin and find a saxophone again .

Emeli Sande has some tunes on her debut album. Suitcase and where I sleep are getting a lot of play from me atm.

Ed Sheeran, well whats not to love about the lil ginger king? Has anyone else noticed guys coming up to them and spitting lines from his songs? Give me love in particular???? busted gtfoh lmao

Frank Oceans swim good . Obviously everyone is hyped about his letter regarding his sexuality. The amount of trolls out there is ridiculous its like get over yourself dick heads, he is an awesome writer and singer and just because he is gay/bi don't act as though you were bopping your heads to his songs last year and doing a 2 step kmt. It isnt contagious.

Melanie Fiona 4am . My friend calls this her battle song. If she needs to hype herself up into the hulk, she plays this and she is ready for attitude lol. Randomly this is also a good song to cook to. Chicken has never been seasoned so well lmao!

Anyways lovers thats all for now. What are you guys listening to of late??

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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