Thursday, 12 July 2012

Are you that primark? (Haul)

Primark can be sooooooo hit and miss its crazy. But when they get it right they get it right and go hard. What I have seen of their SS12/ AW12 collections have been really nice. I have been finding some really nice gems in Primark of late. Nice enough for me to want to line up in sweaty conditions for a good 15 minutes. The women's department is a bit of a shambles but the men's t- shirts and vests have stepped up!! Got me a few bargains for those rare sunny days. I went in for one thing, a pair of beautiful pastel blue sandals and unfortunately they didn't have them in my size anymore and extra kicks in the teeth they had been reduced to £2!!!  *roars and dies*.

Anyways I was in the shop so I decided to have a look through and I found a few good bits. I had too much stuff so I have only shown a few pieces as I got very lazy very quickly. I never try to find a whole outfit in Primark; I stick to individual pieces and accessories then mix and match with other stores and labels. A lot of their stuff for me is throw away fashion so I don't mind if I chuck it away after a few months or ruin it at festivals etc. Not all of their stuff is of bad quality, I find most of their knit wear and jersey products last for ages.

I am really into layering, prints and giving outfits a more textured feel. Don't be afraid to print clash and add fine knits to keep an outfit warm yet stylish without bulking up. Mix and match things such as the loose knit jumper and the high low skirt with a button up shirt for a day time look. Or the neon sandals, Tokyo t-shirt and maxi for a relaxed day in the park. Also try experimenting. If you really like an item but it is slightly off when you try it on customise! I will probably cut the second strap of my sandals and keep them to add to a clutch bag for a neon sports luxe feel.

Are you having any primarni luck at the minute? Let me know where you guys are finding your fav sale items!!

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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