Monday, 17 September 2012

Mixtape Mondays #3

It's that time again, it's Monday and the hype hype isha must once again begin!

Emeli Sande - read all about it part 3. I love Emelis voice and album, honestly I prefer her version to the Professor Green song so yeah.

AlunaGeorge- Just a touch. I heard about this duo late last year but my friend Nikki (shout outs lol) turned me back on to them again. Having met through Myspace this duo can honestly do no wrong. Alunas voice is very unique and has a child like quality which clashes nicely with her  lyrics. While George knows his way around a beat and synthesiser and throws wicked R'n'B/ electronic textures in. Their debut single Analyser/ We Are Chosen was released this year and you can properly tell these guys have been heavily influenced by the 90's music scene and they fuse that effortlessly into their own special brand of London cool sensuality. Awesome stuff

Public Enemy- Harder than you think. This was THE TUNE of the summer especially for London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. You couldn't turn on your TV without hearing this song. Public Enemy are Hip Hop royalty and this song just seemed to inspire unity and leave the scent of revolution in the air.Hope they made so dollars.

The Jackson 5- I want you Back. Ok seriously this song needs no freaking words just enjoy.

Bonus- How awesome was Micheal Jackson? What a freaking bad man, guy was genius just look at him he looks different and moves different from the rest. A league of his own and them socks woooh lol just  Epic. Every few years I get obsessed all over again and have a massive homage of his greatest hits and this is that time.

Until next time..........

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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