Monday, 3 September 2012

MUA (make up) haul

Hey dolls! I know, I know its been a minute since I did a proper make up haul and I have been a bit hodge podge when it comes to posting lately- sooorweee . Anyhoo I am back and I have a haul for you guys. I tried a few of these MUA cosmetics over the summer and I really like them. The smooth eye shadows are just pearly enough without making me look like a 13 year old roller disco girl and the lip glosses are really nourishing with a gorgeous sheeny wash of colour. Not bad for £1 from Superdrug eh!

Looking at my haul it seems a fair bit summery but I am looking at these items as more transitional late Summer /Autumn hues, if you don't want to go dark and vampy straight away. What with the Olympics and Paralympics celebrations, royal and denim blues seem to be having a second round after being the spring it colour and the tawny rose blush will add a natural glow to most skin tones. I absolutely LOVE Mua nail varnishes. They work really well for me and last a long time without chipping. They give a really intense colour pop and don't stain my nail beds as some brands do.

I always mix and match my make up brands and I am doing so more as I learn to be less snobby once a brands quality has been proven to me. At £1 per item these are a steal which means that you can experiment with trends and update your collections and not break the bank. I will definitely be going back to grab a few more eye shadows, lipsticks and nail varnishes.

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