Saturday, 20 April 2013

Lazy brunch: Pancakes, egs and chipotle mayo

First of all I have to say its sunny in the UK woot woot (does tribal dance).
Ok back to business, I absolutely LOVE watching the food network and lots of cookery shows.
I read Nigellas' books like they are literature. Considering the amount of shows I watch I should cook more but I am just not domestically inclined lol.  I always see the most gorgeous looking food posts or I am  Whatsapping pics to friends and now I will be sharing my own culinary creations on here. It just seems like a no brainer.

This sexy beast below is a sweet and savoury mash up.
 I made scotch pancakes after buying a really nice batch from Asda.
I think mine are a little bigger than theirs.

The filling is homemade extra hot chipotle mayo, bbq sauce, honey roast turkey and, a few slices of brie and 2 fried eggs (runny), liberally powdered with paprika.

  All the ingredients I  used were found jamming in the fridge and are inexpensive to buy. Its very quick and easy to make and shows how versatile pancakes can be. This is simple yet delicious - a triumph. 

check it out for yourselves.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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