Thursday, 16 May 2013

French toast : triple decker fancy

Diners, drive ins and dives is my show.
 I could sit there salivating through episode after episode. It is literally heart attack inducing eye porn.I loves it. This is a triple decker French toast sandwich.
To make the french toast I use 3 eggs and add smoked paprika, dried chives for a more intense flavour, season all (if you don't have that steak house rub is good), black pepper and whisk it all up.

 Don't over whisk eggs they turn out weird. I then added  my medium cut 50/50 slices into the eggs and coat them  evenly before frying for approx 2 mins on each side. Once they were cooked I added sweet onion chutney, bourbon bbq sauce and honey roast ham. I also fried up the leftover egg mix and added some extra hot mexicana cheese.

Et Voila

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl
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