Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Leon the (culinary) professional: a quick review

Hi yall,

I have been trying to take fresh, homemade meals to work recently. 
A. Because it is healthier 
B. Because its cheaper but mainly because the weather outside has been crazy stooopid and I for one feel no need to be attacked by rain or break another umbrella -_-.

Leon the professional
mmmmhhh lunchies

 We have offices in Victoria which is my old stomping ground and when situated there. I am usually a sucker for all things Wasabi *drools* if i am buying lunch. However recently I have been making the pilgrimage across the road to Leon.
It is fresh, well made and very tasty but enough about the adorable guy serving at the counter lol.
I am all over the the chargrilled chicken super food salad and the Leon baked fries with lemon, lime and ginger juice.
 Their chargrilled chicken burger isn't bad either.

Wheres your favourite lunch spot? 

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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