Saturday, 28 June 2014

I been drinkin..: Mug homeware haul 2014

Heya Loves, 
I am absolutely obsessed with mugs and  Tea cups at the moment and have come across some lovely stuff of late.
These are a selection of my June favourites. The Eco chiller is my mason jar back up as I have dropped it to many times and it needs a break as I don't have time to make another one yet. It is really sturdy keeps my veggie smoothies cold. It also makes me feel like a kid at the chicken shop sippin something terribly sugar fuelled and syrupy. It is a bit of a novelty.

My travel mug is really setting trends at work, everyone wants one! I am not really a fan of sharing the office mugs especially when the colds are going around :-/ so this is a great alternative and your coffee will never go cold as the rubber top and ceramic body insulate so well. Happy times.

Another favourite is the stoneware mug. I ADORE the colour, the picture doesn't do it justice and at this price you cant go wrong! They are still in stock and make a great addition to any mug collection<--- mug collection? what has become of me lol?!

My fav of the lot if my cute clear optical illusion tea cup and saucer. I found this in Wembley market for a bargainous £1.20. It was actually £4 but as the set was a little cracked I opted to buy one at a cheaper price and I luuvvv it. It makes drinking tea such a pleasure. The tea cup  infuses green tea leaves so well  as the glass has medium heat retention. I wish I had bought the glass tea pot to see the leaves unfurl completely but I will definitely be on the look out for one now.

Any coffee, loose tea and mug obsessives out there?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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