Friday, 20 June 2014

Collective fashion haulin: June 2014

Hey loves, Howya been?

I have been away for a bit ...LIFE as been happening as usual. Work is all consuming right now.
I haven't done a big haul in agggeeesss as I have been trying to money manage and not spend on random stuff as much. It has been working :-/  yeaaahh, kinda, sorta, maybe lol.

Here are some picks from my  last few shopping trips. They are all statement kind of pieces. Nice and comfortable items that I can wear during the day and go from work to play with a few adjustments.

 I am still deciding on the ASOS trainers, their white ones are purty but will likely go back as they are a little small *uber sad face*. The black ones also look and feel more durable and sturdy.
I am also not sure about the red check shirt. As much as I love them, I am just not feeling the material. I actually bought this a few weeks back and was going to return it  but I only went and left it on the bus!!!!!
Anyway it is long gone and someone in my area is now swaggin it out in a checked shirt- Karma will sort them I am sure. My friend kindly repurchased this shirt for me but I think I will return it as I clearly wasn't meant to own it and I am not that fond of it.

what do you think?

Most items are still available in store and online so grab yourself a bargain.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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