Monday, 8 June 2015

My top 10 get up and go morning hacks

Hi Guys,

I am NOT a morning person! 
The hours between 6am and 9.30am are of no consequence to my life (in my head) lol,  it's a I can function but I really don't won't to situation. 

As most of the time I find it difficult to jump out of bed and hit the road running (I am more of a sedate roll out of bed gal), I thought I would share a few tips with those who "suffer" too.What with working or other morning activities we might have, living in the city is go, go ,GO and many of us can do so on autopilot but it is nice to be more alert and ready for the day.

Here are a few tricks to make the mornings a little more enjoyable.

Aloe Vera and Lavender water mixed with essential oils

1.(Morning) Get invigorated and create a homemade spritz that gives you some zing in your step. I use peppermint and spearmint Essential oils with a dash of Eucalyptus which wakes me up. This can also be used a s a face toner.

2. (Night) Chill out and calm your senses with a few drops of your favourite soothing Essential oils on your pillow for a good nights sleep. I use Ylang Ylang for its calming benefits.

3. (Morning) We all invoke the second or third alarm at some point. Make your alarm your favourite song of the moment and rock out for 3 mins instead of pressing that 9 minute snooze option!

Fresh Blueberries, nectarine and grapes. Spinach, kale, rocket, ginger and pear smoothie

4. (Morning) Eat breakfast! This very weird coming from me. For most of my secondary etc life I didn't eat breakfast as food that early revolts me a little. Alternatively make your own fruit snack pack. I am not a fan of early breakfasts so I eat it later to ensure I get it. Try finding different and interesting seasonal fruits if you can.You can hit up your local market for cheaper organic produce or better yet make yourself a super smoothie as well and get a  start on your five a day!

5. (Morning) Lemon water warm or cold. This kick starts the metabolism and digestive system.  If you don't like lemon try a slice of grapefruit.

6. (Morning) Coffee in the morning is a must for most of us but once that has been gulped down at taste bud destroying speed. Try a tea option you have never tried before. Or put together a tea caddy of favourite and new options and select a few each morning for the day ahead.

Green tea and lemon

7. (Night) Work out your sleep cycle. This isn't always an option but try this 4 days a month and you will feel so much better and energised.

8. (Night) As comfy as your holey secondary school jumper or your ex boyfs t-shirt (don't I look dainty) is,  it is time to try something new! Buy yourself a nice pair of pjs. Or whip out your fav pair and snuggle down.

9. (Morning or Night) Late night or a really early morning? Pre soak Cotton pads in green or chamomile tea and apply to puffy/ tired eyes. You can do these in bulk and freezer them, then apply hot water. These can also be used as a natural face toner!

Your pretty awesome!

10. (Morning) Take a minute, look yourself in the eye (mirror ) and say something positive. There are apps, tweeter accounts and books that have great quotes or you can make up a quote for yourself.
Go gettem tiger!

Are you a morning person? 
What are your top hacks for the morning?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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