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7 things I want you to know

Hey Lovers,
I am back with another post and this time I am doing something a little different. I have picked 7 things that I am in to or loving right now. Instead of doing several different posts I am combining them and giving you a snapshot of each.

I am considering making this a series, so let me know what you think.

Rooster Teeth

1. Rwby anime series. RWBY  is an American anime inspired web series which was created by the incrediably talented Monty Oum (who tragically passed away earlier this year) for Rooster Teeth Productions.
The show is essentially about team RWBY. Which consists of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long . The story is set the fictional world of Remnant, where all four young women have have supernatural talents are training to make them better. The series follows he adventures all four women have, their trials and tribulations.

 I was absolutely obsessed with this series last year and I await the third volume eagerly. I won't put any spoilers in but I will say that, I like that there is room for improvement and it was just a group of people getting together to share and create something they enjoyed. Check it out.

London Apollo Victoria Theatre

2.wicked.  I went to see this last month with  friends and had the BEST seats. We were 9 rows from the front and the view and acoustics were spot on. This was my third time seeing Wicked as I never tire of it. it is also great seeing it from different seating positions.
I got a deal on and DAMN they hooked me up.

3. Tyrell crisps are giving me Life! These are some of my fav crisps and I was sent three packs after tweeting them about a bag full of air I had bought. literally there was a half a third of a bag! Happily they were right on it. Worked quickly and efficiently and hooked me up as an apology - very nice!

Victoria Aveyard

4. Red Queen, I really enjoyed reading this and felt the female character wasn't the usual slightly wet young female antagonist. There is still room for improvement but as this is the first in the series I look forward to seeing what will be done with these characters. I am pretty new to the Young adult books, so I am dipping my toe in. I didn't read them much as a teenager, as they just did not interest me at all but there is some really excellent stuff out there if you look. The next book isn't scheduled to come out until 2016 I believe so I have a long wait ahead of me! WAAAH.

Matalan initial mug

5. New initials mug. A staple of every blogger. My friend dropped my fav  initial cup and all that remains is the handle (mystery solved ). I found this simple and cute one in Matalan, which you will have seen in my homeware haul for a steal of £2.

Freshly peeled Pomelo

6. Pomelo, hailed a citrus super fruit. The grandfather of the grapefruit is frankly too sexy for words! I have been devouring these like there is no tomorrow for the last few months. There in abundance between January and April and can be found in your local middle eastern or oriental shop. I usually cut them up and freeze them in little bags so I have a supply for a while. Do try smaller green grocers  too if your in London. I would also suggest staying away from super markets as some of their prices are extortionate!!
 Peeling them can be time consuming as you have to remove the outer membrane of each segment before eating it but so WORTH it!
  They are amazing by themselves and are equally tasty in salads, with seafood and meats (think north Africa or Asian style) as well as goats cheese. So get experimental, I have.

A small selection taken from our group chat

7. Foodgawker. My friends and I spend a ridiculous amount of time sending each other pictures of food and recipes. As you can see from one session above. This doesn't just include food we are making,or made but future meals, things we will be ordering in restaurants, food porn and general Internet dream eats. Foodgawker is a "network of curated, blogger submitted photo gallery website". They showcase a range of food and drink recipes as well as photography. I love it it is not only a great site for drooling over food but for expanding your repetoire. I enjoy creating dishes as much as I enjoy eating them so this is right up my street.

These are my 7 things I wanted you to know.
until next time.......

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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