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Naturally Thinking haul

My Haul

Hiya loves,
a few weeks back I ordered a few essentials I needed from Naturally Thinking  and wanted to share.

This is my second haul from them and I a really happy with my stuff . I first ordered last August I believe and I still have some of those products left. Delivery was pretty quick less than 9 days from placing the order to receiving the items.
I ordered last August I believe and I still have some of those products left. Delivery was pretty quick less than 9 days from placing the order to receiving the items.

Aloe vera juice £ 7

Aloe Vera juice is like gold in my house! It is one of those items that has sooo many uses. The mother now steals it from me lol.  I put a small amount in a spray bottle and use it to refresh and add moisture my hair before putting in a moisturiser and sealing with oil. It is very nourishing and does a ton of good things for hair health. It is a pretty much a god bargain at £7 per litre.

£6 each on sale normal price £8

I have really enjoyed using  these shampoo. I reordered the Super Organic All Hair Types Brazillian Andiroba Shampoo with Siberian Buckthorn 250ml and I find that it lasts a very long time. You don't need a lot of product for your hair to feel really nourished, It also doesn't lather up a lot but rest assured your hair is being cleansed. I haven't had that squeaky stripped feeling some shampoos give you. It leaves my hair feeling moisturised. I am not the biggest fan of Lavender but it isn't overwhelming and very subtle. It contains pretty simple ingredients such as natural glucosides, gums and oils so click the link above to have a look.

 I ordered this one as I foolishly ombred the ends of my hair with a dye that had a mild bleach in a while back. (I have dyed my hair in the past but never with bleach/ peroxide). So as you can imagine the ends were a bit dryer than the rest of my fro. I have cut a fair amount of the ombre out as I got bored of waiting for it to grow out then trim and repeat. This shampoo is specially formulated for dry, sun or chemically damaged hair and claims to revitalise/ rehydrate hair. I have used this once and you can see a difference in the ends of my hair. There isn't a drastic difference in my hair textures normally but I can feel it. 

Andiroba Seed oil £7 and Baobab seed oil £5

I purchased Andiroba oil last time and have maybe a third of a bottle left but wanted to stock up as my hair looooooves this stuff! A few of my friends use this in hair and body moisturisers so I wanted to try it and loved it. It does say it is good for afro hair so check it out if you have thick curly hair.

Baobab is now the new super fruit here in the UK that cures just about everything (slight exaggeration) but this has been a essential and well kept secret for most of Africa and Asia for centuries, so isn't that new to me. Really good Baobab oil is really expensive but this was really reasonable. I have also been using these and a blend of other oils I purchased in my first haul as a face oil and have seen really good results.

Peppermint £3.40,  Eucalyptus £2.30 and Tea tree £3.40 essential oils

This is my trio of essential oils. I use them in the bath, in moisturisers, spritz and hair masks. A little goes a long way. I enjoy the menthol feeling and they are priced well.

Conditioners £7 per bottle

Another of my favourite from Naturally Thinking are the Conditioners. I do add a few oils and or Shea butter to these and it makes the best hair masks! But back to the conditioners I find the blend and consistency really work for me. The Super Natural All Hair Type Brazilian Andiroba Conditioner with Siberian Buckthorn, Lavender and Geranium is an old faithful and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

The Super Natural Dry Hair Hydrating Argan Conditioner with Wild Carrot, Spanish Orange & Brazilian Rosewood is a new purchase that I bought in regards to the dry ends I spoke about earlier. I have used this once by itself and very much enjoyed the sedate smell as well as its moisturising and softening properties. I felt this conditioner defined my curls more and boosted hydration to another level.

That's it guys I am really happy and impressed with the quality of products and ingredients used. I will definitely be going back to purchase more products.

What are your natural hair and skincare holy grails?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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