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7 quick and easy lunch ideas: leftovers

Hi Lovers,
Sometimes we get stuck in a rut or lazy and just eat the same meals again and again.

I wanted to share a few quick leftover lunch dishes that are tasty, pretty healthy, well priced and varied. They are great for work as many can be made and stocked in the fridge.
Making a nice alternative to spending lots at lunch time each day. ( we spend thousands each year apparently)!

I have tried to make it varied so there is something for my vegetarians too. All can be adapted for your specific tastes/needs.

1. Homemade vegetable spring rolls with tenderstem broccoli salad.

Rolls include: bean sprouts, ginger, red pepper,  garlic and spring onion. You can make them any size I used my finger length as a guide and made them a little longer. 

Salad includes: tender stem broccoli,  samphire (I love this stuff), garlic, onion, seasoning, mustard, red peppers and squeeze of orange juice.

2. Fried plantain, black eyed peas, avocado and a fried egg.

Shallow fry 2 ripe plantains (1 1/2 shown in picture)
Soak peas over night and boil - these are nice with Nori seaweed
Half a medium Avocado
Fry a free range medium egg and season
Sprinkle some dried chives (l put them on everything) ummhmm

3. Rye bread crisps, cucumber salad scrambled eggs and coleslaw.

There were actually 3 rye crisps but yeah lol. 
I am a little obsessed with the Ikea KNÄCKEBRÖD RÅG rye crisp.
Add coleslaw on top of rye bread
Scramble and season 2 x medium free range eggs

Chop 5 x large sun dried tomatoes 
Chop 1/3 of a organic cucumber
Drizzle some olive oil, mustard and lemon juice

4. Beetroot salad with gammon and leftovers.

Grate 1 x medium beetroot
Grate 1 x medium carrot
Add handful of spinach
chop half x large gammon fillet
Chop x half an organic cucumber
Toast x 15 cashews
Add and halve 3 baby roasted potatoes
Add left over 1/2 x plantain from dish above

5. Mixed vegetables barley (get colourful, get creative)

Fry x 1 large onion and 2 large garlic
Add one packet of barley
Add 1 x litre chicken stock - fresh if possible
Top up with water until the barley is covered about 1-2 cms above barley
simmer on low to medium heat

Boil sweetcorn and peas
Sauté portobello, oyster and button mushroom
Dice 2 red bell peppers
Add 1 medium avocado
Drizzle Caesar dressing 
Mix it all together and season to taste

6.  Chipotle sweet potatoes, Harissa chicken with chickpea salad and stew/ sauce
I am not the biggest fan of sweet potato. So I like to mellow the sweetness by making them spicy.

Boil your sweet potatoes and slice (1 used above but I ate half lol)
Once cooled lightly fry the slices for colour and texture
Fry one small chicken breast seasoned with Harissa seasoning


1 x handful of chickpeas
1 x handful of samphire lightly fried
3 x large sundried tomatoes chopped
Add lime, remaining chicken sauce, mustard and olive oil to dress

7. Quinoa and Bulgar wheat salad

1/2 x packet of Quinoa
1/2 x Bulgar wheat
2 x large chopped garlic
1/2 x large diced onion
1/2 x red pepper
Tender stem broccoli
cherry tomatoes

Boil Quinoa and Bulgar wheat with half a cube of veggie stock cube.
Fry onion and garlic, then add to Quinoa and Bulgar wheat.
Lightly sauté tender stem and add to the finished dish.

So those are my ideas for a delicious and pretty healthy lunch, that will beat the hunger pangs and keep your bank balance in check!

Let me know if you try out a recipe and what your fav leftover lunch is.

Until next time......

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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