Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Shaking up AW15: Kiko haul


Kiko is one of those beauty brands that is soooo affordable and is amazing quality yet I find I don't shop there enough. 
I may not shop there as often as I would like but I do have a great collection of solid great performance products.

I absolutely love the Regents Street branch and could honestly
just stay in there for hours gazing at the products.
Although it doesn't have the biggest space it's very cleanly layed out
and just on the right side of overwhelming -if there is such a thing!

Whilst meeting up with friends for dinner,
I dropped in and picked up a few items and I am really loving them.
As I don't often wear bright colours on my eyes,
I actually bought these eyeshadow shades to use them mainly as blusher.
Although less bright in real life,
they are very pigmented. So a very light hand is needed and a very small amount of product does the job.
They might be colours usually associated with spring or summer
but if you have been reading the blog for a while I am sure you know I wear whatever takes my fancy whenever
it takes said fancy!

Here are a few things I picked up:

Infinity Eyeshadow 207 Mat Papaya
Infinity Eyeshadow 208 no longer on site but is in store
Ultra Glossy Stylo 809 Red Ruby
Ultra Glossy Stylo 814 Glam Magenta
Smart Lipstick 923 Peony Purple
Nail Laquer 536 metallic quartz green

No surprise that there are 3 lipsticks!
I absolutely love a bold lip,
it might be my signature eyebrows and bold lips. 
Sounds good.
I also grabbed a gorgeous metallic fresh green to contrast with my khaki collection and am very happy to have this stunner in my collection.

What were your last Kiko buys?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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  1. I really need to get into Kiko, so many people have recommended this make-up label!
    The lipstick colours look so bright and bold, prefect for adding some colour to a black or grey winter outfit.
    Joey x

    1. Honestly they are so affordable and really good quality!
      The perfect accompaniment for a winter outfit.
      Thanks for stopping by Joey

  2. Oooo that red colour looks like Nars Exhibit A. Great idea to use them as blushes!

    Christine |

    1. Your right Christine! It's a really good dupe! I reminded me of Nars when I bought it but I couldn't remember which one.
      Thanks for stopping by.