Wednesday, 18 November 2015

An affordable Aw15 scent: Zara Vanilla Wood perfume

I have been slowly growing my Zara perfume collection for the last year or 2, see here and here. And I really enjoy them.
They are incredibly affordable and have great longevity for a high street brand.
I find the Zara scents have great pay off on me.

Believe it or not I have actually had Vanilla Wood in my room unopened for just over a year! 
I bought this last September on a shopping trip with my friend Niki and just set it aside. This now seems like a lucky break as, it's been in my mind for the last few weeks.  Vanilla is one of my favourite scents and I am finally breaking it out for Autumn/ Winter. I love the warmth, depth, spice and sweetness vanilla brings and this doesn't disappoint.

I think Vanilla Wood is a scent you either love or hate.
I have seen very mixed reviews about it however when I smelt it in store I was drawn to it and still am.
Like many Zara woman perfumes (Zara perfume selection) it is sweet, warm and fruity. It isn't overwhelming which I like and is very wearable. It was a very affordable 12.99 for 75ml.

It definitely has the deeper musky scents of cacao, smooth praline mixed in with a lighter sweeter madarin and spicy peachy notes swirled in with vanilla.

I am really loving this as an everyday perfume and it really wakes me up and leaves me in a good mood.
It lasts a good few hours and I have received so many compliments.

Its a thumbs up from me!

*P.s I occasionally get migraines and although they are not scent activated. Certain scents whilst I have a migraine are extremely aggravating. This scent however doesn't  cause me any issues.*

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