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The Beauty Blogger Box: February 2016 edition -review and impressions


The Blogger Beauty Box was created by Vicky of Vix Meldrew.
A blogger herself. As a way for bloggers and brands to connect and discover each other as well as new products.
Vicky sources products, manufactures the boxes and sends out between 30-50 of these carefully curated beauty boxes herself each month. 
I really like the idea of a beauty box created by a blogger for bloggers with the option of buying them on an adhoc basis. 
Also the fact that it will have a minimum of FIVE FULL SIZE products for £10 including P+P in excellent value for money.

February is my Birthday month (I am claiming the whole month for me lol) and I decided to gift myself little treats throughout. 
Now that my actual birthday is over.
This box is one of them. 
This is actually my first Blogger Beauty Box and I am not disappointed.
Once I saw the delivery tweet go out.
I eagerly awaited delivery and rushed to the door. 
Face mask and hoover head in hand ready to see what goodies awaited me.

DHC Mineral Mask  rrp £29

This is great timing. 
This has been on my beauty list for a while and I am happy to finally have it.
DHC is renowned for their skincare, especially their masks and cleansing oil.
I have tried the mask twice so far and like it a lot.
It is a light weight mixture of clay and botanics that doesn't suck all the oils and moisture from your face.
Even when fully dry, my face is mobile and once removed my face feels fresh but not stripped.
which is important as my cheeks are currently a little dry and my inner cheeks is where I have slight pore visibility.
This will come in handy during colder months.

I know Threads more for their threading and nails, which I am a fan of.
Than their eyelash range as I am not the biggest falsie user.
The band is very flexible and light due to the handmade lashes  being made with feather weight technology.
These unfortunately do not suit me at all.
They are way too dense for my eyes and preference.
Something a little more wispy would suit me better but the good thing about a beauty box is that, if it doesn't suit you it can be gifted to a friend or family member.
As I didn't apply this to my eye with the glue but just placed it near my eye, I am totally happy to pass this on.
Another great thing is the glue is fragrance and latex free so you wont have any flare ups if you have an allergy you aren't aware of.

Now here is a product that I know well!
When this launched in 2014.
I did manage to get a few samples from a friend and really enjoyed the ease of makeup removal.
Testing it again over the last few days has been a joy, as it didn't sting or leave my eyes irritated.
I don't wear eyeshadow as often as I used to but mascara is an essential and I never miss an opportunity to add some winged eyeliner.
I have even tried it on my eyebrows, now that I use a gel pomade.
The bi-phase and hydrating gel formulation has removed those quickly and without dragging my delicate eye area.
I always shake the bottle to ensure that I get a mixture of all the ingredients.
Created with feedback from long term customers, it is only natural this products gets so much praise in the blogging community.


PURISKIN by Vanessa Blake Cosmetics Lip Treat in clear rrp £16.99
PURISKIN Lip Treat is an organic naturally therapeutic botanical plant wax formulation.
Designed to maintain and relieve lip conditions.
Containing an SPF of  6 to 8 and added Vitamin E this moisturising emollient is great as a year round lip protectant. 
Not only is this product vegetarian friendly, ethically made, non animal tested and paraben free they are customisable!
The Lip Treat comes in clear, scented and a taste free formulation to minimise irritation to sensitive skin.
However they do offer bespoke options such as scents, spf, extra moisture and colour.
I have spoken before about biting my lips which can lead to dry patches so I am looking forward to trying this out.

This is a bronzing self tanning serum for the face catering to all skin tones.
Infused with Coconut water & green tea to hydrate whilst the bronzer works on giving you that bright "LA glow".
The bronzer is also infused with antioxidants, Vitamin C , CQ10,Vitamins A and E. 
I really like the formula and consistency of the serum and it applies evenly. 
I have tested this with a foundation brush and my fingers. 
Both work well and the serum develops gradually over a few hours and fades naturally on me with visible difference after 3/4 days.
I tested this first on my inner wrist as this is one of the lightest areas of my body that is exposed to the elements and I wanted to see how the serum would look and develop. 
I am super happy the serum isn't orange or muddy and has full coverage but clarity to it.
In regards to staining, I didn't experience any major staining on my fingers after washing. 
There was a slight tint but that was easily removed by using a bit of coconut oil.
There was absolutely no transfer on to my clothing and the serum dries quickly too
Black people and people of colour can and do use fake tan/ bronzers.
 It is more common than you think.
My friend has been putting tan on her legs for over 14 years! 
These products are not really marketed to us mainly because we already have melanin and the difference may not be as obvious. Amongst other reasons.
However speaking for myself, using a product like this would be less to change/ deepen my skin tone and more to even out/ add a bronzey glow.

This will be amazing for my body and face in summer. 
When I want to look glowy and bronzed without putting too much on my face.
As well as in winter when we too get "pale or ashy" to varying degrees and warmth/ sun-kissed skin deserts those not in hot climes.
An excellent all rounder!


*Bonus samples*

I am always on the look out for skincare and I have never heard of this brand before.
JR Naturorganic is an ethical, natural and organic skincare brand based in the UK.
Focused on providing affordable and effective organic skincare made from quality natural ingredients.
The box contained samples of their gentle cleansing milk and a hydrating mist from their Madarin & Chamomile range targeting normal, combination and sensitive skin.
Containing a essentials extract blend of  chamomile, marigold, lavender and mandarin for their soothing, balancing and calming properties..
I have been testing out their mist which I really like it so far. 
It lasts longer when sprayed, so I have transferred half of it into a clean spritz bottle.

I am very impressed with this box.
Especially value for money and the diversity of products sourced.
This box is worth approximately £95 by my calculations excluding the samples which is amazing.
It is a very well rounded box so hats off to vicky!!!

I would highly recommend checking out the Blogger Beauty Box and signing up!

I will definitely be ordering more in future!

Until next time......

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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  1. This is great, I've never purchased a subscription box before but I'm looking forward to purchasing a Blogger Beauty Box!

    1. Hey Lakiera,
      Yeh it is such an affordable beauty box and I haven't seen any bad reviews!
      Definitely worth checking out.

      Thanks for stopping by