Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Escentual haul: My French Pharmacy top picks

French_pharmacy_top picks___

So I went a little sale happy over the last few days of 2015 and the first week of 2016. 
Just a tad press pay now with delirious abandon, during that no mans land time zone of the 27th Dec-3rd Jan.
Whilst catching up with friends/family and watching TV.
I hunted out great deals in my festive flannel pj's. 
Appropriate online sofa shopping attire.

2015 was very much about spending less on myself and shopping my own closet/ beauty stash etc and as the general sales were not a good as expected, I went into total "treat yo'self" mode when I found a excellent deal.
I also needed to replenish said stash or how can I shop it?

I wanted to stock up on some of my essential French pharmacy skincare and Escentual, with their sales/ varying codes didn't disappoint!
I took full advantage of their 1/3rd off French Pharmacy items discount code and am super happy with my purchases.

These are a few of my restocked top picks:

The Face mists
These are great for all year round.
 Especially in the UK where the weather is often conflicted and can really play havoc with my facial hydration levels.
They are multipurpose and can be used as toners, face refreshers/soothers and to purify blemishes.
The Caudalie grape water is also very handbag friendly.

The lip repair balm
Great for soothing lips and creating a lasting barrier between delicate lip skin and the elements.
This is a must have for me as winter is not only harsh but I have a habit of biting my lips as explained in my skincare savers/saviours post.
So I enjoy revolving my lip protectants and discovering new ones that work for me.
I like that this doesn't disappear after a few minutes.

The multipurpose balms/ creams and ointments
Biafine Emulsion
(An excellent hand mask.
Slathering your hands at night and wearing gloves.
Helps keep hands soft)
Boiron Homeoplasmine 
(Great for chapped lips and healing piercings)
Mustela Vitamin Barrier Skin Discomfort 1-2-3
(Works great on sensitive skin, when irritated)
These are great balms and creams to have in your stash.
As great for scrapes/ burns/ bruises as they are for irritations/dryness and soothing skin.
They are incredibly nourishing to the skin as well as helping the skin to heal.
These are also very adaptable and some can be used as intensive lip balms/ hand or foot treatments.

So those are a few of my top picks, I just had to stock up on as they have served me well before.

What are your French Pharmacy must haves?

Until next time................

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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  1. Lovely French pharmacy post. The lip
    Repair balm looks quite handy. My lips tend to go dry during these season :)

    1. Hey Laura, I would def recommend it or the Boiron Homeoplasmine for an intense night treatment. Also Lucas pawpaw ointment really works well for everday.

      Thanks for stopping by.