Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Current favourites: nail edit staples


I have really been taking the time, recently to do my nails and wanted to share a few current favourites with you. 
I love nail varnish and have a pretty good collection but sometimes I honestly don't have the time.
Recently however. I have been taking those 10-15 minutes to just chill out, choose a colour and clear my mind as they dry.

Neutral tones and grungey feeling nails are an all year round favourite.
These have been my go to choices.

Current favs:

Barry M picks:

Grey and Blue from the Barry M classic range
Barry M is one of my absolute favourite affordable nail companies.
They always have large range of colours and finishes to choose from.
They also seem to last forever, I have had one nail varnish from their classic range for 10 years and it still perfect- no word of a lie. I t has only recently been replaced.

MUA pick:

Midnight is a really pretty metallic shade and only costs £1. 
MUA is a very trend led brand with a very low price point.
So it is great for checking out new colours without having to spend too much.

Essie pick:

Vested Interest  Is a really striking greyish toned teal green.
Essie is another brand that is of great quality and has excellent colour ranges.
The tones are always pretty cool.
They can be a little pricey but shopping online or going to TK Maxx like I did can save your a fair bit of money.

OPI pick:

This is such a stunning colour and just adds something to an outfit, as well as making your hands look beautiful.
It is totally an understated statement colour.
Again OPI Can be pricey so look around. 
I also found this in TK Maxx for £2.99 or £3.99 saving over £7.

Primark pick (In Stores)

019 At 80p this is the cheapest polish in my edit.
 The colour appears a little different in the bottle.
Which is what attracted my attention but it is a pretty deep petrol denim colour.

Kiko picks:

226 Rouge Noir, 508 Rose Sand and 317 Dark Antique Pink from the Kiko nail lacquer range.
Kiko is one of those undercover cult beauty brands, that totally deserve the hype.
They have very affordable items that rival and surpass much bigger brands.
I will however say that without a top coat 317 does chip after a day or 2.
However it is still such a pretty neutral blush colour in real life.

What colours are you reaching for?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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