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Pampering and treatments: Facials- 7 things you need to know

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Hi Loves,
Over the last few years.
I have tried to actively set aside some relaxation and me time.
Pampering treatments and massages are always at the top of my list and I have become adept at hunting out a great treatment deal.

It was my Birthday back in February and I had my first facial of the year- woop.
(Other treats included my first Blogger Beauty Box and My UK ColourPop haul.)
As it was cold, windy and very dry I went with a hydrating facial.
I thought it would be best as not only would I get a deep hydrating facial but any winter dullness would be brightened up.
As this is something I really enjoy. I wanted to share a few things I have learnt along the way.
Here are 7 things I have learnt about getting a facial.
Hope this helps ...........

1. General

  • Hygiene is important. So offer your facialist the same curtsey you expect brush your teeth and pop a mint.
  • Get to your appointment 15 minutes earlier. To fill in forms etc so it doesn't eat into your allotted facial time.

2. skincare. 
  • Avoid exfoliating with scrubs or acids for a day or 2 before your facial as your skin will be more sensitive. This also goes for waxing or threading your face/ eyebrows. 
  • Don't try and do fancy things to make your skin look better, let your therapist see what your skin is like. 
  • keep your routine the same as you usually would. Literally like cleaning your house before the cleaner comes round. -come on!
  • Bring up any skin issues, you have. Having gone over my skincare routine. My facialist said my routine and skin were really good, but did agree with me that I had a few dry patches and my cheeks were a little dryer than usual. She also told me I had some dryness on my chin. Which I hadn't spotted. I am thinking weather and central heating are the main factors.
  • Don't touch your face after your facial. Just let the products marinate. It will feel gorgeously soft but this will minimise the amount of bacteria coming into contact with your face.
  • Try to avoid drinking alcohol/ coffee/ fast food 24hrs before and after your facial. It can be drying to the skin.

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3. Hair and Make up
  • Avoid wearing any makeup to your appointment. It wastes time as it will need to be cleansed off.

  • Wearing makeup also isn't advised for up to 24 hours after your facial.
  • If you are uncomfortable not wearing makeup for that long, wear sunglasses, work from home, go to a facility near your home to minimise contact with people.
  • I suggest a bun. It is out of your face during the facial and is kept off your face after. This means any product in your hair wont touch your new sexy ass face.
  • Try and keep transferable hair product residue to a minimum.-I once put leave in conditioner in my hair having forgotten about my appointment. I just took a scarf to wrap my hair and let my therapist know. 

  • 4. Comfortable clothing
    • Wear comfortable clothing. You will be in one position for a while. This is to relax your mind as well as pamper/ treat your face. So don't wear something too constrictive.- I usually go for leggings , a slouchy tee or jumper and a vest underneath which can easily be pulled down.

  • Also smelly feet - we also have those battered converse we love that are a bit smelly. Facial/ massage day is NOT the day to be wearing them as your feet will stink. Probably ruining your experience of tranquillity and assaulting your therapists nostrils. Sure they finish off your sports luxe/ casual outfit perfectly but lets not yeah!

    5. Pain
    • Extractions hurt! It's not unbearable but it does hurt. I had excess sebum on my nose. My nostril area hurt the most but it isn't a lingering pain once it is done, it's done. 
    • Facials also include chest and shoulder massage. I carry about 80% of my stress and tension in my shoulders which means that when properly massaged it can hurt. You will feel an ache the next day BUT so much better, mobile and lighter.

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    6. Relax and enjoy it.

    • Really immerse yourself in the experience and take the time to chill.
    • Communicate with your facialist
    • You may feel tired a few hours later, which is normal for facials and massages.
    • Be ready to glow! you may also be a little flushed/ red depending on your complexion.

    7. Observe. 

    • Look the products your facialist is using and what feels nice on your skin. I usually take a picture on my phone at some point before or after my treatment. 
    • Don't be pressured by sales jargon! You don't have to buy the products that were used on your face. wait a while and see if you like them. 
    • As this is relaxing your eyes will be closed most of the time but try and remember a few hand movements your facialist uses and try a few at home.
    • Post treatment. See what your skin looks and feels like. In some cases, people notice their skin may breakout slightly or become a little oilier too. This is often due to your face having a super specialist cleanse, that it doesn't get on a daily basis and the purging of toxins. Extra oil is being produced due to this. In a few days it should be fine. If you have a rash or prolonged breakout steer clear of those products in future.

    Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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    1. As someone whose never had a facial it sounds that you really need to prepare yourself when you go get one. I can understand about making sure you practice good hygiene before you go, since whoever is doing your facial probably won't like how you smell. I guess all the preparation you talked about pays off in the end.

      1. Hi Maureen,
        It absolutely does pay off in the end!

        As you haven't had a facial yet, treat yourself and thank me later lol

        Thanks for stopping by.


        Stephanie aka Ms Wednesdays Girl

    2. These tips are fantastic for a guy who has never had a facial before. Someone bought be a facial gift card for Christmas, and I have been putting off using it because I don't know how the procedure goes. But your helpful tips mean I can show up for my appointment feeling confident. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

    3. You're welcome William. Glad to help.
      I hope you have an amazing experience!

      Thanks for stopping by.


      Stephanie aka Ms Wednesdays Girl