Monday, 6 August 2012

Nose candy (candle love)

Candles are a passion of mine  in stressful times. They soothe me, create ambiance and atmosphere effortlessly . Coley and Gill votive candles are a fav right now. Their spring / summer scented candles are amazingly cheap and smell awesome. Their  packaging is so cute and is a great alternative to fairy lights. I get mine from poundland and they last for a good while. Stay away from their Lime Zest coz that stuff is rank! Like some super strong disinfectant, seriously my eyes were burning ewww.

Another favourite of mine is the Walsh and Baker chocolate fudge cake candle as seen in the middle above. It does exactly what it promises in the title. This candle releases a gorgeous and delightfully chocolaty emanation.
Check them out guys, they are super relaxing and cheap as chips!

P.S don't burn your house down .....yada yada , be safe, be careful, keep away from kids and enjoy etc

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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