Monday, 27 August 2012

Mixtape Mondays #2

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It's the bank holiday woot, woot! Its time to kick back, relax and maybe hit the carnival. The last weekend in August is synonymous with Carnival in the UK and Europe, so to honour our epic 2 day event here is a lil classic sumthing sumthing to get the parrrttaaay started.

On with my list of awesome tuneage.......

Thinking about you- I am still channeling orange. Frank Oceans album is the stuff and I foresee me playing it for a long long long time! I absolutely love this tune. Poor guy who smiled on the train last week, I wasnt singing to you sorry lol

Wildest moments- This is the brand new British artist is called Jessie Ware. She has been around for some time and has featured on man like me songs as well as Rinse fm radio but her own album  devotion is out now . Love the simplicity of the video.

Kidike -Its afro beats time. The sun can not be shining and you don't buss out a lil African tune. If we close our eyes we can pretend this random muggy weather is just like African sun lol (lies). The church scene is funny as well.

Party animal remix- Having been around for a bit and featured on loads of UK artists songs, Mikill Pane is beginning to make waves. His flow is so different and his voice is well very indigenous shall we say. He has a very British sound and style. I love all the little references in the video -intro and supermalt people!

Glory days- Blackpool born singer Karima Francis has been simmering on the periphery for a while now and has been well received at festivals etc after her first album the author. She has a very interesting overall modish look with about 3 different hairstyles in her hair. Her voice is so unique, she has a Tracy Chapmanesque vibe going on. I am absolutely LOVING this chilled out ,stripped down song.

What have you guys been listening to of late?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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