Friday, 24 August 2012

Vivo Cosmetics: Curve effect mascara

I have raved about their eyeshadows and now I introduce you to their curve mascara. I could go without all makeup but not my mascara and at £3 this one is a steal! It is alot cheaper than my usual tried and test mascara but it is always good to experiment. The packaging is sleek and the curved wand has the traditional bristles to get down right to you lash roots. The wand is really flexible so it can be bent to your own requirements. The mascara thickens my lashes nicely but doesn't lengthen them as much as other brands.  I do this weird thing where I use 2 mascaras to make my lashes and has done for years so maybe my standards of perfection are up there. There is absolutely no flaking and it stays on for hours without clumping but is somewhat dry going on. I got mine in black waterproof and the colour is extremely pigmented. I would suggest this mascara for a low maintenance, natural day time look.

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