Monday, 1 October 2012

Mixtape Mondays #4

It's that time again folk............

Alex Winston- Velvet Elvis. Me likey this song and it is taken from her album King con.Yes folks it is the Google chrome Cambridge satchel company song as seen in my Zesty fresh post a while back. Her voice is such a cool juxtaposition between candy sweet and the darkness of her lyrics.The song actually has a very serious topic called objectophilia which is cool too.

Coldplay- Charlie Brown. My friend HATES coldplay hehehehe but I like them. Not so much at the Olympics. They were very much dead sorry but its the truth.Apart from that random error they produce some good tunes. Loving the day glow.

Psy- Gangnam style. Gangnam fever has swept the nation! I occasionally hear a random Kpop song in an obscure bar but this has really made an impact internationally and I am on it lol.I have no idea what he is saying but all I know is I want to do everything with hopa gangnam style!!!

What are your fav tunes right now?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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