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E.L.F HD Blush review

E.L.F HD blush £3.75 each

So I had been gazing lustily and some what enviously at all the American beauty bloggers who were raving about the Make up forever blush dupes by E.L.F last year. I was far too lazy to order some from America so I waited for them to come out in the UK. There are 5 different shades in the studio line HD blush range. Usually I would have bought one for a test run but as they had a 3 for 2 offer I treated myself.
At less than £4 each it hardly breaks the bank.
 I went for the darker end of the spectrum as a fail safe.
I also got some as gifts for my birthday yay so now I have doubles.

The Blushes double up as a lip tint and look really great on.
The packaging can be a little fiddly, don't be nervous give it a shake and I would definitely suggest using a very small amount and pumping the product out sllllloooooowly. I found blending with a stippling brush a lot more manageable than my fingers but I do tend to be a bit impatient with cream/ liquid blushes as they are so pigmented. As I said they do appear to be a straight up dupe of the MUFE HD High Definition Blush but I won't go into a detailed comparison as I have only used MUFE a handful of times but with a price range of $26 E.LF seems to be better value for money.

E.L.F has always given me good quality products but I am still incredibly picky with what I get from them. haven't tried their blushers before as I have heard they can be a bit  hit and miss. I have used these for a month or two and I can highly recommend this range of blushes. Especially in these prolonged cold months they really add dewiness to my skin and is incredibly long lasting!.

Check them out.

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