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D.I.Y skincare : Spirulina and kelp facial mask

Ms_wednesdays_girls_Kelp_ and _Spirulina _diy_face_mask
Kelp and Spirulina tablets

Hi guys, 

I am sharing something a little different today. 
  A D.I.Y face treatment I have used often for smooth, nourished and plump skin.

This is the D.I.Y Spirulina and Kelp face mask.
It is a simple yet effective mask. 
All you need is 
loose powdered Spirulina or in my case 3 tablets
1/4 of an orange ( juiced)
3 kelp tablets.
*this makes 2 masks*

I crushed the tablets and mixed it with the orange juice and applied to a dry cleansed  face immediately.

For easy application apply this with an old clean makeup brush.
If you feel the mixture is a little thin on your face.
 You can indeed layer until you are happy.
When doing this ensure you pour half the mixture into a different container to minimise germs and bacteria getting in.

 There are many variations of this mask and I am always tweaking to suit my needs.
Although in hindsight, having made this a few times a thicker mixture is less messy.
So by adding more crushed Tablets or less juice.
You can use lemon or lime.
Honey for moisture or add a fine not too abrasive sugar for exfoliation.
It is very versatile and is easily adaptable, for what ever you feel your skin needs.

Spirulina and kelp are amazing "super foods" that are packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients.
Definitely check them out if you haven't.

Ms_wednesdays_girls_Kelp_ and _Spirulina _diy_face_mask
Spirulina and kelp face mask

There you have it a purifying, calming, brightening mask.
I would suggest making this in a small batch just to ensure freshness.
This also means that the nutrients in the tablets are utilised straightaway.

Try it out, it's cheap and cheerful but awesome. 

*although very rare, some experience staining and this can be removed with lemon exfoliation.*

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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