Thursday, 3 April 2014

eBay times!

Hey loves,
I saw this really cute and chic watch at the beginning of the year on The Black Pearl Blog  and immediately went and got myself one.
She also purchased a minty pastel colour which I would have also gone for but wanted to test the quality first.(a moment of  restraint o.O lol).
I have had the watch since mid January and it has been used A LOT and i am not a watch person!
I don't often wear watches but I do like them more now I am older and for testing purposes I rinsed this watch to the max.

Geneva royal blue silicone jelly watch

This watch is so nice, it is an electric royal blue which is very on trend and a cool alternative to black. The silicone straps lend it a nice sports luxe feel, while the rose gold face and numerals give it an expensive feel. I paid less than £3 and couldn't be happier. There has been no damage or wear and tear at all and this includes occasionally being worn with the  face being reversed inside my wrist- I am weird it's cool.
I have received soooooo many compliments with this bargainous piece and I feel like my fingers are twitching for the minty one. I can't say this will improve my occasional bouts of questionable lateness but they sure are pretty.
There is something for everyone colour wise. There are even diamante encrusted ones which are not up my street but might work for you. The whole range can be found here. Check them out. 

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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