Tuesday, 29 April 2014

MUA mini haul

  Hi lovers, 
Here we have another case of I went in to browse and here we are lol.
In actual fact 90 percent of the basket was put back lol. I wanted to give these a really good try before sharing.
All I needed was mascara but my eye was caught by £1 dark berry matte lipstick , even though
it's summery, I love a dark lip. I also picked up one if their new range of lip laqueurs for £3.

MUA wild berry matte lipstick and  MUA LUXE  lip lacquer in funk

My friend absolutely loathes the MUA matte lipsticks. Her words being "it makes my lips ugly and goes on like sand paper" lol but other than it being a little sheer and not as deep/ pigmented as I would like it. It is a cool lipstick/ stain and smells nice.
I actually picked up the wrong lip lacquer.Waaaaaah. I really wanted kooky but I took way to long and now can't return it so I am going to keep it.

L-R- MUA lash Boom, MUA mega volume mascara

My last item is mascara. Mascara is a daily essential. I often go bare faced but brows and mascara are a must!  I rather like the MUA Mega Volume mascara (pink) and thought that I would try out the MUA Lash Boom, not stopping to check if it was waterproof or not -_-. It isn't but I still kept it and it isn't that great for me. The wand does nothing for me and for some reason the formula occasionally irritates my eyes.
In terms of MUA mascara it is definitely back to the mega volume!

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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